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Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Cold Fronts and Severe Weather - As For That Satellite Remember What Goes UP.. Must Come DOWN.


Watching Mike talk on the YouTube format. It's easier to see chat and to watch what he does while I do other things. Did he just call me a "sponge of knowledge" giggling so much, old school response would be "squeeze me" but hey I've grown up finally ...right? 

So close to the Hurricane Season and yet it's still just off and out of view. 

But again check out that primed and ready to roll EPAC.
Strong convection... wave train of sorts.

Cold fronts descending and severe weather popping in tropical cities contemplating what the Hurricane Season will bring them while the NWS posts flood warnings hourly. 

Tropical waves leaving Africa way too early not planning on doing anything more than trying to juice up the atmosphere and hope to get to South America to rain themselves out.

Now is the time to prepare. I know I say it all the time. Again I'll remind you when you get to Publix and you want to buy some Tuna .... you don't want to see only canned oysters on the mostly empty shelves!

Remember what goes up .... must come down. Dave Schwartz loved that song, can see him dancing now. 

But it's true be it a falling satellite or weather systems or the temperature today before it moderates again tomorrow.

Much love. Besos BobbiStorm

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