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Thursday, May 06, 2021

Can't Sleep - So checked on the Tropics. Still Dead (for now) So I'll Go Back to Bed


It's not just me that's obsessing.

Looked around Instagram.

We all be waiting now for May 15th.

See somewhere a computer is always running models.
Even in early May.
They fade away usually tho the EPAC is hot.
Trying to make up for a slow start last year.

I noticed the Low yesterday.
But then I noticed the HIGH.
Huge high.

Fronts come and go.
And then they die out and hang there.
 we will watch those dangling dead fronts.

Coming soon 2021 Hurricane Season.
Why do I care some ask?
I live in Hurricane Country.
Grew up with Hurricanes.
Chased Hurricanes.
Hurricanes need a capital H.
Hurricane Season is the Greatest Show.
Nothing like them...
(sorry to my tornado chasing friends but true)

Sweet Tropical Dreams,

Ps ... a friend told me you gotta go back to sleep just before sunrise.
It's true it works. Just..........before...........sunrise.

true too... 


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