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Monday, November 02, 2020

UPDTED 150 MPH - Cat 4... Close to Cat 5~ Intensifying in the Caribbean. Short Term Goals. Long Term Goals. After it's Back in the Caribbean ....Where Does it Go?

A rare bird with a fire in it's belly.
Doesn't it look like a bird?
A bird on fire.

Earlier tonight.
Close up and personal with ETA

We can go closer........

Major Hurricane ETA
Category 4 Hurricane.
Forecast to be Cat 5

Black or White.
Every color in the rainbow.
It's perfection.

And this season is far from over.
Cold fronts only up the ante.

Another Westbound Wave.
Eventually they will stop rolling West.

But we have those fronts dangling into the Caribbean.

Note much more to day.
And not going to do models today.
Tonight I'm just looping Eta.
And remembering when I talked on Mitch.
Days ago......
......because this year demanded a similar hurricane.

Different. Similar.
Let's wait til it's back in the water...
...before we try and figure out which way it's swimming.
November storms are hard to figure.

Time will tell.
Stay tuned...
...I may update again later tonight.
If it indeed hits Cat 5.

* * * 

120 MPH Winds ..
..moving West at 9 MPH

Far from the tropics today.
Eta a long ways away.

In Raleigh the city is ablaze in color.
Golds, red, yellow, blue sky, oh my gosh.

And I visited with some family...
...finally because sometimes you have to...
Selfies home to the siblings.....

I had a very nice time with my son out and about on a cold Fall morning socially distancing as best as we could to visit and catch up. He travels way more than me and so I had to go outside my own safety zone a bit to get together and yes it's awkward because it's not what it was but it was fun. Good to get together, talk and only peeked a few times at the storm and saw it was intensifying as I felt it would. Waiting for the 2 pm update but currently it's on its way to possibly being a Cat 4 Hurricane. And yet it does remind me of Mitch down there in that same spot and the reason really is Mitch always had a core, it wasn't a sloppy storm trying to pull it together. When you have ETA over very warm water, low shear and moving slowly with a proper, good core it's going to explode at some point.

The view above is great because it shows the banding.
That's a hurricane with a perfect design.

And our forecast cone shows it back in the Caribbean.
That could mean a lot of things.
Mostly it gets back out over very warm water.

Here is the GFS and the EURO
Way down the line as the song goes.

Euro next Wednesday..........
....GFS same day.
Far apart as usual.
But both show a reformed system.

What you see from this is....... snaps back and that's a problem.

Models from Spaghetti Models.

I'll update later tonight.
Short term ... Central America.
Long term? How sharp does it turn back?
Cuba is watching it as carefully as Florida.
So stay tuned.
Keep reading.
Keep checking in.
Keep being careful but keep having fun.
Much love... Bobbi

* * * 
Oh and keep reading this is from earlier today.

We have a spinner.
90 MPH!

As the sun rises over the Caribbean...
...there it is.

The cone remains the same for now.

Being honest, I have a son in town visiting and have to meet him for breakfast at his hotel and it's really cold here. I haven't seen him in a year ... so ETA is going to do what ETA is going to do for the next few days and then we will see if and I do mean IF we are in trouble if it makes that swing back up to get out of the Caribbean.

Full update later today. It's 35 in Raleigh and "feels like" 28 degrees so just as we get those really big fronts know we can also get really big Caribbean hurricanes. Odd but true. That time of year.

I'll be back later.
Stay tuned...

Small systems ramp up fast so don't be surprised.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram



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