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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Tropics Quiet. Suggestion for Exhausted Parents Who Are Now Teachers. Teach Your Children Well. Meteorology, Geology, Georgraphy, Astronomy. . Links Included.

Nothing really happening.
They pulled the plug on Invest 94L
And they will soon pull the plug on the next one.

The real story is the rain Invest 94L dumped on NC.
And you can see that moisture feed up above.
My whole feed today is about flooding.
This was my screen grab last night.

My radar last night when the rain became stronger.
In some areas it came down very heavy.
And there is flooding going on today.
Current watches are shown below.

All this from our Cut Off Low.
The system that sucked in Invest 94L
Ripped it apart and delivered floods.

Mother Nature gets you one way or the other.
Doesn't it look a bit like a Gator symbol?

Okay flip it and reverse it.
Maybe it's just me.....

By the way in some places masks are mandatory out in public and as the numbers are only going up not down some places are now making masks mandatory vs a suggestion so if you want to show your colors and let people know you are a Gator fanatic not a FIU Panther fan you can buy that mask at this site below that has those masks shown up above. Gators are like Redsox fans, they like to wear their heart on their sleeve, mouth, head and any other part of the body they can show it off. 

My thoughts for today on our weather.

Nothing much happening in the tropics today as Saharan Dust moves Westbound showing us where mature hurricanes may one day go as they both follow the atmosphere in many ways. If it's near your town and you don't have asthma as it does bother many people who have asthma then go watch the sunset and enjoy it; it's that SAL guy that delivers those incredible colorful sunsets.  SAL happens every year, it's part of the cycle of life on Planet Earth. After SAL ebbs we see stronger hurricanes coming from the Atlantic threatening our cities along the coast and areas futher up river with inland flooding.

Inland flooding is happening today in North Carolina, but not from a hurricane, but from the wet side of our dirty upper level low that's dropped anchor over the Appalachian Trail like a love sick tourist driving back and forth on the roads that run along the rim of the mountain. If you have never been in that neck of the woods and you have the chance then check it out for yourself; it's an Autumn ritual for many but it's beautiful any time of the year.

Raleigh itself rarely floods.
A few areas near Crabtree Creek.
But generally safe so don't worry on me.

So yes, my whole feed today is about flooding be it a watch or a warning or news about someplace that's already been flooded. The more hills and valleys your area has the more the chance someone gets flooded when the rain comes down fast and the rivers overflow. As the tropics are quiet today my theme is more or less "teach your children well" and that is because one thing I can give my parents credit for is a love of weather and how and why things happen. When you are a child and have some understanding of how things happen and why you are more likely to feel empowered and enjoy events around you rather than feeling insecure and scared about a hurricane coming towards you. If you have to evacuate you understand why and it become a geography lesson as you are traveling somewhere far from your home. You can help in the process, you don't feel as if the rug has been pulled out from underneath you and suddenly you are saying goodbye to your bedroom that may never look the same. In truth usually people evacuate and go home to their friendly world and give thanks to the powers that be, but sometimes nothing is ever the same.

The best gift you can give to a child is to allow them to understand what is going on. They may become meteoerologists or they may one day grow up and move to Montana where hurricanes hardly ever happen. But you will give them knowledge and that knowledge or love of knowledge may take them somewhere one day be it writing code for new weather models or teaching geography or becoming a meteorologist who makes a living studying something they love. You never know, but either way if you have a kid who enjoys studying they may leave you alone Gooling aspects of meteorology while you finish your morning coffee. Warning they may come running in telling you that models show a Tropical Storm is forming but hey even a half drunk cup of coffee alone while you child is busy online with science is better than none.

Here's a link you can use to find some good ideas to teach children who are stuck home and are tired of learning the regular subjects.

Geography links below. Personally I'm a map freak, love maps and geography. My mother bought me a small mini set of World Georgraphy for Kids when I was a kid and I still have the one for Africa :)
Buy your kid a weather radio, Mike just bought this one and shared it on Facebook Live and trust me with all the links he has on his site... he still have a weather radio. Actually, let the kids play on his site they will be busy for hours. and go through those back pages, he has awesome information on everything related to weather and tropical meteorology. Full disclosure I may have just ordered one too. Google it! Give it to your kids and let them hold it if a storm threatens and or you need a flashlight if the power goes out!

Astronomy is awesome. Here's a linkfor the kids.

Add in geology while going for a walk with the kiddies and let them learn about rocks.

Or show them a funny classic movie about a woman who picks up a man holding a rock because she knows what Igneous Rocks are and because she can. Teach them Earth Science is fun, useful and to be honest generally more interesting than many other things they will learn in school one day ....once schools are open again. What's Up Doc! It will keep your kids busy laughing for hours trust me.

Hey if you want to plan a summer trip and a park is close to you, take the kids on the road and keep them busy and enjoy the beautiful views yourself. Save the cruise or the overseas travel for next year.  If you don't like the music mute it or enjoy it, but it's a long video on how green it is in Western North Carolina in the summer.

Being honest my Great Grandfather lived in Key West and Tampa watching clouds build and waiting for Thunderstorms moving on from the bay. My Grandmother had a healthy fear of them becasue ball lightning came in through the chimney in Tampa and danced around the house chasing her under the bed. Growing up she'd watch the couds and tell me when it was going to rain hours before it did. My mother gave me the number for the "Weather Bureau" and to call and find out the weather and keep me busy, my father brought home Hurricane Tracking Maps and showed me how to track hurricanes throwing in a cute, cheap weather radio for Radio Shack. Love of weather runs in my family and so you never know your kids may look back years from now and remember this time well as the time when their mother or father taught them about maps, weather, geology or astronomy while laying out in the backyard watching an asteroid shower. Could happen... but only if you do your part!

Have a great day doing what you love.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
BobbiStorm @bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.
Twitter is mostly all weather and Instagram may be anything I'm into and of course weather.

If you would rather listen to a song that describes the beauty any time of the year, this one's for you.


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