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Friday, June 26, 2020

Update Friday Afternoon Tropics Quiet. Huge High in Place & Yet Models Watching New African Waves. Pop Up Weather Close In to the Coast So Keep Your Eyes to the Skies!

Just updating to say nice wave train there.
Model support for something to form.
Next wave is beautiful.
See what happens. 
I'll update Sunday.
But I'd be surprised if there is no yellow circle by then.
As models have been bullish on it for a while.


As you can see from the Middle Squares...
Nothing going on.

But remember that coastal weather if you are beach bound.
Bring along sunsceen and hand sanitizers.

And directing you down to the bottom left.
Same site. Yes, this is a How to do SpaghettiModels.
There's a great lightning tracker very useful.
Especially if you are planning on being outside.
Outside in the Summer with afternoon storms.
And note there's a satellite for Africa ;)

Nothing much happening in the Tropics right now except a lot of speculation and discussion on the African Wave Train. Boris did form in the EPAC and promptly took off to try and get out of the EPAC and just as promptly was downgraded. So far we have a busy season with practically no ACE. Accumulated Cyclone Energy is the definition if you don't want to Google that and aren't an ACE watcher; most mets today are always talking about ACE.

As for the speculation on the African Waves...

So I put the discussion with the video above and I'll only add models do show some development of those new waves yet they are battling the dust and they are far away and it's still June so we keep watching but after Bertha in 1996 broke that old rule about African Waves in July we've seen our fair share of weak, westbound waves fighting the odds to become usually mediocre short lived storms. So don't count out the wave train.

Closer in the weather for the weekend seems to be fair, however remember that anywhere along the coast this time of year you can have pop up showers especially in Florida and the Carolinas and as for Texas they have been dealing with rain for a while so always factor that in to the thought process. If you are going out along with your hand sanitizer remember to take the sunscreen and an umbrella if you are into that... being a Miami girl we never bother with umbrellas because the sun comes out and dries you off in about 4 minutes. Showers are refresing, you run inside fast, take cover and they are gone with the wind some where else.

Have a good safe and happy weekend, may no sad or bad news arise to upset you and may you only have good news, fun times and memories that last a long life time!

Sweet Tropical Dreams BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps...that movie yesterday I watched was long and good and lots of twists and turns and kind of mind blowing at times with lots of scenery of Miami and Cuba and oh my gosh I'd love to tell someone "Gracias" after bringing me a cortadito! I love Nespresso but it's just not the same. 

If you don't want to watch a 2 hour and 10 minute movie here's a quickie you'll enjoy that teaches you a good lesson about life. It's close to 7 minutes so think of it as a mini movie and I owe this to Larry Cosgrove who is a great meteorologist and loves music who insisted it's the best video and as usually Larry is right! Oh, he also says it will be a long, wild ride hurricane season once it starts going.

I have a grandson who calls me Abuela which is so cute... another one calls me Savta Bubby and that's cute and they are only two so they can call me anything they want... the other two year old calls me Grandma... what really is in a name? As long as you've still got the moves it doesn't really matter how old you are trust me. Love this song.... I knew it when I met him.... oooohhhhh and then I had to tell him to go.......   enjoy!


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