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Monday, May 25, 2020

UPDATED! 20% Yellow Circle. Tropical Rains Flood S Florida on Memorial Day Weekend. Hurricane History a Look Back at 1945 Hurricane Season & Cat 4 Hit on Miami Homestead Area.

NHC caved late in the day.
Wish they had early this morning.
More people would have paid attention.
I know what it's like to live on Miami Beach.
A block from the Bay and then it floods.
Happens fast and everyone runs for their cars... get them to higher ground.

20% chances currently.

NHC going with it could form off the E Coast.
Remember there is still energy in the GOM
And there is still energy South of Cuba.
This may not come together.
But it will dump huge amounts of rain...
Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas.
There's that SpaceX launce too....

As I said last night....

This was my Pinned Tweet Yesterday.
With the purple splotch ...
...and nonstop moisture it seemed obvious.
Something might develop.

And I said earlier today it's getting a look.

NHC weighed in today after the floods in SFL.

Really the mask, he's soaked from wading thru water.
Hope that's not his car.
Either way in any language that's painful.

There was a possible tornado last night from this system.

Been looping on and off all day.
Definitely has a bit of a spin.
And it basically drowned parts of Miami.
Miami Beach. Hollywood.

So stay tuned.
Low chances for now.
But it's been potent in South Florida.
As expected.

Read from earlier today
And please watch the video at the end.
I'll post Tuesday on the 1947 Hurricane

Note this area is forecast to lift North.
Over Florida.
Continual rain for a while.
Could it develop down the road.
It's possible but wind sheer is keeping it intact.
For now anyway...

I show the Earthnull Video to show... tight the flow is.
How densely packed the wind barbs are.

Compare to yesterday when it tried to close off..

Weather changes fast in the Florida Straits.
So never count anything out.
Always stay informed of any changes.

Note I said South Florida.
But that includes Naples, Tampa
Miami, Broward.
and the Florida Keys.

Doing some Hurricane History today.

The Year was 1945.
A busy season with multiple landfalls.

The Miami Homestead Hurricane below.

When looking at this track above.
Think what might have happened in 2019.
Had Dorian not turned away when she did..
That Category 4 landfalling hurricane... written about below in detail.

If 2020 is a repeat of coastal cruisers....
... we better hope they all do that magical turn.

The 1945 Hurricane Season has been nagging at me for sometime as a year with similarities to what we may see this coming Hurricane Season that begins in a week. It was a busy year, with multiple landfalls that impacted areas that many specialists have seen as possibly prone to landfall this year. As low shear is predicted for the Caribbean there is the concern that long tracking storms sail through the Caribbean underneat a strong high and at some point curve up into the Gulf of Mexico or just keep going. The season began early in June and walloped the South Florida area in September and then going on to create havoc up the East Coast. Several storms that year had mutliple landfalls.

Check out the numerous infamous storms of 1945.

Depending on where your location is ...that's the hurricane you never forget.

I'm posting the Wikidpedia links but there are incredibe links at the bottom of each article to read if you are stuck in and would like to read up on Hurricane History.

For my purposes I wanted to hightlight damage from the Miami (Homestead) Category 4 Hurricane that often gets very little press in the Miami area. It's as if we were slammed with the Category 4 in 1926, eluded the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane and then Hurricane Donna hit in 1960 following by Cleo and Betsy a few years later then Andrew in 1992 in Homestead again. The 1940s were actually busy years for Miami when some sort of tropical named storm made it's way into the Miami area almost every year but the 1945 Hurricane was one with a huge punch yet very little press. The Late 1940s also had their share of storms we will talk about later this week, one in particular put a good part of Miami under water and not just talking along the bay but far inland.

So it's going to rain a lot in Florida this week and apparently North Carolina. It's that time of year where we have fronts but they stall out and often trouble forms at the end of such frontal boundaries.

I wish I could tell you that plagues and hurricanes don't often come hand in hand but many times they have done so and at least it's fairly rare that earthquakes and hurricanes hit the same city though they have in the past in Jamaica and Charleston so you can hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. As much as we change over time that saying remains the saying going into the Hurricane Season when you think on Hurricane Prep.

I'll update the blog on the rains in Florida if the NHC decides to put out any special statements. But as the models have been playing peek a boo with storms developing the NHC prefers to have some consistency in modleing before putting up discussion on possible systems. But you never know it's 2020 so hope for the best and prepare for the worst. As always check your weather and news apps frequently during holiday weekends.

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.


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