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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Update. Invest 91 30% Chances. Tropical Disturbance Threatens SpaceX Launch...The Tropical Weather Will Move Up to Georgia & Carolinas.

5 PM Update from NHC
Invest 91L Tagged....
30% Chances.

You can use watch the floater.

Some consildation off shore.
As the center moves off shore finally.
Also still kicking up the afternoon thunderstorms in SFL.
Record rainfall in some locations there...
..and rainy season is just beginning.

Elongated center currently.

8 AM below...

Could the launch be delayed?
Definite maybe.

Thunder and lightning currently.... the forecast.
Check back often.

I'm going to cover the Tropical Disturbance at the top here.
Then doing more Hurricane History below afterwards.
Just a heads up.
Good video down below.

Our Yellow X has moved up the coast.
Actually it's currently sitting over the Cape.

Something about the fumes maybe?
Space Coast? Daytona?
Always seems to launch these systems.
Tropical Storm Julia formed over land there.
I chased it ... spent the night in a hotel room.
On the ocean... wild waves in the moonlight....

Yes, there's a launch there ....
...but it's tomorrow as I said previously.

This No Name Tropical Disturbance should mvoe up the coast.

Videos below show the story.
It even shows us where it is going.

There are just so many players here.

I explain it in my way above.
The loop is below for you to use. 

Hint it's not going where the High Pressure is digging in.
And the feature in the GOM is lifting it.
Towards the Carolinas.
Hopefully away from the launch...
...but time will tell.

In the EPAC...
60% chance of something forming.
Models have hinted at a cross over system.
Yes... into the Caribbean.
We will see.

As for me.
I'm looping.
I prefer watching Thor and Dabuh doing the models.
Well, until something actually forms.
Much more entertaining and educational!

Keep watching.....

 Now for Hurricane History.

Yesterday I did the 1945.
Read yesterday's blog for that Miami Cat 4.

Today I'm doing 1947.
Yes South Florida had 2 Cat 4 Hurricanes.
2 years apart making landfall!

It's what I call the "Forgotten Hurricane"
Old Timers remember it.
But few hear about it.

Show that track to the best meteorologists.
They will almost all say ANDREW!!
Few will say 1947!!
We didn't give names then...
...see what's in a name.

If it had a name it would be remembered easier. And, yes history repeats often that's why we study hurricane history! Honestly I had never heard of this hurricane when I was young. I learned about it on a trip to a pier in Ft. Lauderdale where they had pictures on the wall of a restaurant of the beach being battered by this hurricane. And I just stared in amazement at the "forgotten hurricane." I call it that because that's what the guy behind the counter called it. Then he told me his first hand reports walking me through the images on the wall. Years later a friends mother in Miami told me as a young girl she drove from Allapattah to West Miami to check on a house her fiance and her were building to see if it was all right. She said it was a sea of water everywhere and she made her way carefully to Flagler Street (a wide street) and slowly drove out on the white line in the middle that was the only area slightly dry and she made it out to the house that was okay but also surrounded my flooding. I've met store owners in Miami Springs far from Ft. Lauderdale Beach that told me every business and home was flooded worse than any other hurricane they could ever remember and yet few remember it existed. Go figure.

1947 was followed by the 1949 Hurricane.
See once they started naming them....
...people remembered them better!

That's a hurricane for another day...
1947 is the hurricane of the day!

The hurricane hit in Ft. Lauderdale.

HIALEAH in the Miami area above...

This is one of the most awesome sites if you love history showing real pictures showing you the details. 

Going to leave you some links here.
Videos at the end.

Impact was across a very wide are of Florida... not just FLL, Miami & Palm Beach....

Note the list of references and footnotes on Wikipedia tell the story as well. From Daytona to Miami Beach to the West Coast of Florida and the personal stories from those who lived on Hollywood Beach that had to evacuate online are excellent ...shown below. Know that while we always focus on LANDFALL and STORM SURGE often a Major Hurricane leaves tragic impacdts very far inland away from the film crews and storm chasers at the ocean. Remember that if you live "safe" "far inland" later this year and a hurricane threatens to make landfall at your favorite beach.

1947 from a Hurricane in Ft. Lauderdale above.

2 Years ago during Irma in Miami.

Miami had more flooding yesterday (go figure)

By the way on Instagram.
Especially during the Hurricane Season...
You might want to add this site.
No one will cover it like they do... 
Live from the source.

People swimming thru water downtown.
Surfing, Kayaaking 
Pushing drowned cars through water.

The videos were incredible.
They nailed the coverage ... follow them.
Especially when a hurricane threatens Miami.

No one does Miami stories better than Miamians!

Hope this hurricane history lesson helped.
Hurricane Season 6 days away officially.
Tell that to anyone who lives in Miami ...
...or who tracked Arthur.

Get ready... because Mother Nature is ready.
Are you?

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps... yes I'll update in real time...
...if NHC updates our Tropical Disturbance.

How they covered hurricanes before Twitter.
Before Instagram.
Before ... AOL.
Before TWC...


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