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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Gulf of Mexico - Carib On Watch Status As Another System In the Region that Gave Birth to Arthur. Will It Give Birth to Bertha? Tropical Minds Want to Know.

I just want to put this up late Saturday Night to compare and contrast on Sunday. Something may be trying to form in the region where the Gulf of Mexico meets the Caribbean. This is the same region that gave birth to Arthur over time, will this region give birth to Bertha is my question?

GOES16-GM-13-1000x1000.gif (1000×1000)

Leaving this loop up for posterity sake.

Nothing there yet. 
We can compare and contrast tomorrow afternoon.

It's not a  "flat" flow currently.
Bit of curves there...

And we have a PURPLE SPLOTCH.
They were very slow to jump on 90L

They seem excited........purple, blue.

I believe Mike said......
He only goes to the beach to watch the people.
Memorial Day Weekend brings out the crazies.
Oddly in Florida you can go to the beach all year.
What's up with that?

I know it's Memorial Day Weekend.
Big in the South especially whe beaches officially open up.
People who work the beach make mucho money.
Memorial Day Weekend can bring a big chunk of money.

Forecast rain totals high.
Perhaps Mother Nature is issuing a Stay Home Order?
Or Stay OFF the beach?

Wider view.
A lot of weather.
Texas Florida beaches are a rain out?

Okay I will admit it I do that too!
Love that Josh is always honest.

I'm watching this area...
....but can't help mention African Waves.
Staying alive after plopping into cool water.

Relatively it's late May not August.
Usually they fizzle fast.

And our area of the hour.

What's in a picture?
Not the first time it keeps showing us this symbol.

Friday it was impersonating a hurricane.
Hmmnn it definitely wants attention.

I'll update on Sunday.
Let's see what this area does tomorrow.

Sweet Tropical Roads...
;) Dreams.

@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps... we all watch the models but we also watch the loops.
We watch for the system to show some curves.
To get that look that makes our heart beat faster.

Taking it slow....
but watching it.


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