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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Florida Morons VS Stupid Tourists. Everyone Has a Complaint Lately. Stay Home, Wait It Out... You Want to Worry on Something...Worry on the 2020 Hurricane Season.

This Tweet by @DADABUH nails it.
The larger picture is below.
The beach should be open for water sports.
For taking long walks in the fresh air.
For safely distancing while watching the sunrise.
But not for congregating, hanging out and partying.
And that is what many people do ....
....when they go to the beach.
It's a communal sport for them....
under an umbrella shade thing.
on large beach towels.
Hanging out
Hanging together

I grew up in Miami.
I'm a Florida girl.
We do the beach differently there.
Mostly we try to avoid tourists...
We go to swim, watch the sunrise.
Someone somewhere has a pool.
We swim at the pool.
We party at the pool.
There's lots of sun in JAX.
You can get a tan in your backyard.
Or taking a walk out in the Florida sun.
Stay home unless you're surfing or swimming.
Or taking a quiet walk to look for shells.
Social distancing basically rules...
...but many don't follow the rules.
Then everyone is denied some beach time.

Who are we as people?
As a nation?
As a world ... that people don't get it?

I'm a Miami girl and I grew up on Florida beaches, some just a few blocks from my house. The beach is where I went to stare at the water or think or get fresh air and feel the ocean breeze. Sometimes I went with a best friend or boyfriend to be alone and just breathe in the ocean air. Yes, I miss the beach. I would have loved to go to the beach today, take a long drive down to Wrightsville Beach but hopefully I'll do it in a few months or many even several weeks depending on where we are but we are not there yet.

Dabuh surfs and I've got no problem with surfers being in the water. No one understands beach safety rules better than surfers and they aren't there to "hang out" as much as to catch the waves. In Miami the number one reason we swim in a backyard pool (everyone knows someone who has one...) is to avoid tourists that many Miami natives refer to as "stupid tourists" (being honest) and that's probably because they come to Florida, get drunk and do stupid things they wouldn't do at home thinking what happens in Miami stays in Miami. The problem is that if you come to Miami or Jax with your germs and hang out all over the beach drinking beer, partying in groups congregating..... someone is gonna get germs and you are gonna take said germs back to Mom and Dad or your roommate or your younger siblings or grandparents or the list goes on and on. Maybe you work at Publix and you're gonna pass on your germs to people who are trying to get in and out fast to get their tomatoes without getting your germs.  

If you aren't at the beach to swim, surf or take a long walk stay the hell home. Now is not the time for that. Sorry you're bored, I get it..... but some people don't seem to.  It's sad but true. Dabuh gets it so not worried on him getting out in the surf....

Sorry this is not social distancing.
I get it's outside.
Germs travel in the air for a while.
People bump into each other.
Have you ever been to the beach....
Some kids frisbee flies into your face.
Nerdy kids runs into you chasing the frisbee.
Happens all the time.
Apparently #floridamorons is trending......

Whatever. Tired of stupid.

Apparently my brother is too..

I'm going to talk on the Hurricane Season beginning this week, but what I do want to talk on is more timely and says more about who we are and how we handle this pandemic. It's a pandemic and I'm going to call it that as Corona sounds like a beer that needs lime and saying Covid kind of minimizes it as if it's Uncle Floyd that shows up at the Thanksgiving Day dinner and you avoid him like...well.... the plague. This is test of sorts we are all going through and some don't wanna take the test and want to skip forward to the next part such as the Prom and the After Party. Sadly, life doesn't work that way and making the best of a crappy situation is what separates the men from the boys and the girls from the women; shows what we are made of and if we truly care about our others or are we just selfishly ourselves trying to be a rebel without a cause?

I'm sorry you missed your Senior Prom, happens to many kids all the time who don't get invited.
Sorry you missed your graduation... your parents will still be proud of you.
Sorry the football season is over and March Madness was a casualty, there's always next year.

We are trying to stop our loves ones from getting sick with a virus that is very deadly and we are having to make huge sacrifices beyond "being bored" and many have lost their jobs and businesses and I'm personally wondering if I'll ever see the nice lady who works at the Estee Lauder counter at Belk again but it is what it is what it is .....stay home and be quiet. Stop whining and kvetching (choose your words) and stop being spoiled brats who were raised with the "everyone gets an award" mentality and doesn't understand why they can't have a prom. Sorry but this is reality and reality is biting hard. If you had a deadly snake staring in your face 2 feet from you about to bite would you say "I'm not afraid of you ... it's all hype" or would you start praying even if you were previously an atheist? Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it can't kill you or someone you love and all you got to do is stay home, wait it out and be part of the solution not the problem.

I'm not going to talk on whether we should or shouldn't open up parts of the country, that's not what I'm here for and truly people need to think for themselves. I read a headline the other day that read "FDA says you do not have to wash off food packages but if you want to you may" and I thought to myself "why, thank you for permission..." and a few other thoughts I won't mention here. We were told we didn't need masks, the we were told maybe if you wanna wear a mask and then it's preferable to wear a mask when shopping and then finally "you must wear a mask at the grocery store" so considering that slippery slope I'm going with I'll determine what works best for me and life is about more than what I want but what we all need.

I want to go to the beach. It's 2 hours from my house and I'd love to feel the wind blow my hair around and take deep, deep breaths of ocean air while getting some sun and going for a long walk on the beach with my husband. Maybe I just wanna go look for a shell or sea glass or something that catches my eye that I take with me back to Raleigh and put on my dresser or window sill. But now is not the time for that and hopefully there will be plenty of time for that later.

Why people in Michigan can't buy paint or roses doesn't really make sense to me.... but hey it could be worse you could have the Florida Governor so pick your poison or what to complain about.

Sorry it sucks and ya know what sucks more? The hurricane season is coming soon and it's forecast to be a mean hurricane season. I'll talk on that later this week but man really I got to say watching people congregating with each other feeling their right to protest publicly is more important than the rights of those they live with to stay healthy hits me as just wrong. Politicians were hit by a tsunami with this one and all of them have made crappy decisions no matter which party they belong to and many have also made good decisions trying their best to protect the people in their districts.

Don't be suckered in to protest something just because you're bored, angry and don't want to deal with this anymore. Because the germs that may kill you or someone you love are in search of their next victim as I type this and many young people are dying from it and amazingly some 103 year old lady survived but many do not. I've lost several people I know who live in NYC and have several friends who have lost family members and it's heartbreaking. Their family's lives have been changed forever and when I see some human interest story on the news about some girl who is crying because she was going to sew her Prom Gown and she had a pattern and picked out the fabric.... it makes me personally sick to my stomach. Or the human interest story about the couple that had to get married at a beach in NC but had tickets for a cruise and were packed but the laws changed and they couldn't go ......... should be thankful they didn't die on a cruise ship filled with sick people rather than moping about missing their dream cruise. Dream on... live well, live healthy, make a new dream and go when the threat of half the ship getting sick and possibly dying is gone and in the rear view mirror.

The hurricane season of 2020 is not in the rear view mirror.

The water in areas where early season storms form.. hot hot hot.
The risk of an early May storm in the Gulf of Mexico..
...or off the Florida coast is real.
Record breaking heat is heating up the water.

Sorry Mother Nature isn't always kind.
Rules are sometimes stupid but they are rules.
This too shall pass.....
...don't pass along the germs.
To someone who could pass away.

That's my thought.
That's my main thought.
Not what I'm missing....
...but not wanting to miss someone I love.

Death is forever.
Stupid rules become history fast.

Stay home.
Follow the Rules.
If you go out...
...wear a mask or gloves or both.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps... You want to make a sign?
Make a sign, thank the doctors and the nurses.
My son's Temple sent out chalk ...
...for kids to decorate their driveway.
Very sweet and positive.
Good message.


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