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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Covid 19 vs Hurricane Season 2020. What Can We Learn from the Spanish Flu and the 1919 Florida Keys Hurricane. Learning From History.

Today's blog is about the hurricane season of 2020.
But stay with me a few minutes.
There's something I want to show here.
The above is a state by state look at Covid-19
It's easy to see the concentration in NYC area...
...and states nearby.
Two centers on the West Coast.
And many areas where it's not raging...
Up close....the battle zone area.

The I-95 corridor.
Detroit, Chicago.
Atlanta, New Orleans.
27,495 in Florida.
But mostly SE Florida.

On the West Coast...
..a different story emerges.

Your typical populated areas with higher numbers.
Parts of Montana and Nevada almost Covid free.
Even Texas shows the great divide.
East Texas vs West Texas.

Some hurricane seasons Texas gets slammed...
...same year Florida gets lucky.
Another year OBX gets 2 or 3 storms... 
They all miss Florida.
The next year they slam into the Bahamas and miss Florida.
The next year they zoom through the Bahamas......
Slamming into Florida.

Nothing is ever equal.
It's never fair.
Someone, somewhere gets trouble.
Other areas get lucky.

Every Pandemic is the same way......
... Every Hurricane has a different pattern.

There's a song that sticks in my mind.
It's called the Great Divide.

Nothing is really simple in life when it comes to why someone gets a Category 4 hurricane on their door ripping apart their lives and other towns go year to year to year without any landfalls not even a Cat 1. Why did Florida get so many hurricanes on after another in 2004? One day Tampa will get hit and Jacksonville will get slammed, but so far they've been pretty lucky while other towns were impacted often. It's a matter of odds because if you live in hurricane country you will eventually see a hurricane.

Remember 2004?
All the funny or not so funny cartoons...

Yeah that was some year.... 
Note in 2005 they kept on coming....

Wilma, Katrina, Dennis.
Rita impacted the Florida Keys

How bout 2017?

Florida, Houston and Nola had targets on them again.

Why you ask?
Here's a good video that explains 2017.

But what it can't explain is.........
....what will for sure happen this year.
We can forecast but it's just a forecast.
It's a prediction based on scientific information.
In December in Monsey the Coronavirus was not on our radar.
Things changed........and they changed fast.

But what I can promise you is...
Mother Nature won't quarantine and hide at home.
She won't be hiding in Neptune's Palace this year.
As we saw from the Easter Sunday Tornadoes ....
When life is a bitch.....
...Mother Nature can often serve disasters for dessert.
She can be wicked sometimes.

Forecasters say this is one of those years.

A good forecaster's graphic shown below:

What can we learn from the past?
1919 was a year filled with death and disease.
The Spanish Flu taking lives faster than WW1 did.

Just because we have had "enough" of Covid-19
Doesn't mean it will go away.
And it doesn't mean the Hurricane Season will be cancelled.
It will not be and is forecast to be mean.

Jim Williams of fame...
...has been posting on this issue of late.
He retweeted this one.

And this one....

Can't we learn from history?
People refused to keep hunkering down.
They got tired of wearing masks.
The 2nd wave killed more than the war did.
More soldiers died coming home from the War...
...from the Flu on cramped ships.
Then died in WW1.

Can't we learn from history and not repeat it?

Masks are in fashion again this year.
Today I watched my best friend's children from her 1st marriage...
... bury their father.
We watched on Facebook Live because 2020... 
Just the siblings and some of their kids.
A Rabbi or two... 
Solemnly memorializing them with masks on...

Usually when this family gets together...'s a huge party with hundreds of friends and family.
My ex-husband was her ex-husband's roommate when he was 18.
Lives entwined. Eventually I met Malka and her kids.
More kids from her 2nd marriage, one huge blended family.
I'm used to happy moments together.
Used to dancing, drinking, laughing and loving.
We talked for a long time today.

In December I watched her youngest son get married.
I was in Monsey NY with my kids for Chanukah.
I watched on Facebook Live.....
That's a thing these days.
Trust me you feel like you were there...
Malka walked her youngest down the aisle.

And then they partied.

We've danced at weddings for hours into the night.
We've watched a funeral on Facebook Live.
That's life in 2020 too.

Death doesn't take a holiday these days.
But life goes on either way.

Again let's look back at 1919 again.
Those who refuse to learn from the past....
... will repeat it, remember that.
Very few storms a memorable and deadly one.
You know... it only takes ONE.

Doesn't seem that bad in quantity...
...but it made up for it in quality.
1919 is the Key West Hurricane to Remember.

Many have made landfall there but 1919 was bad.
Very bad.

Bad in the Bahamas, in Cuba... 

Then Texas.
The 1919 Hurricane was a worst case scenario one.
And it came when the Spanish Flu was still killing people.

When it rains it pours huh?
Seems so.
Hope not...
... but hoping won't make it not happen.

So it's time to think on it.
It's about 40 days away.
Coming sooner rather than later.
Forecasts do not look good.

Will this be the year we retire the name Dolly?
And will be get all the way to Sally or Omar or Teddy?
There's the list.
Learn the names.

Time will tell.

Start making lists now.
Start planning where you would evacuate to now.
Better to have a plan this year...
Then to find out shelters are full...
..and you can't get food because someone else did already.

This virus is not going away before the Hurricane Season.
So buckle up and use your time wisely.

Sweet Tropical Dreams.
Stay home, stay safe.
Quarantine if you have to....
Wear a mask, use gloves when out and about.
Wash your hands.
Take showers.

Do what you got to do...

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