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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Winter Where Are You?? January 16th? My Mind is Already Thinking on June. Sorry but Not Sorry. Weather Round Up ...

Isn't that pretty?
I think so.
Quiet Winter Morning.
Holding promises...
..of winter's return.

Geez Louise... it's January and I woke up around 4:45 AM this morning .... as if I was going to check the 5 AM advisory or check out the new model and yes once past that mid January point we seem so much closer to the Real Season for me which is Hurricane Season. This is called Hurricane Harbor ya know... and yes I do flirt with Winter or rather Winter flirts with me because this year it doesn't want to spend much time down South of the Mason Dixie Line. Okay to be honest it doesn't even want to visit much of the world South of New England but we are getting into that Home Stretch when the January thaw slip slides away and Winter makes a sneak attack on everyone who has given up on it the way most people give up on the Hurricane Season before August 16th... You see a pattern here? Good, because that's as close as I get to spelling it out for you.  If it's gonna happen it's gonna happen soon and snow will move moving into parts of New England and some other places that have been feeling snow deprived.

As for me I have my Dance Card filled out for the next 6 weeks or so and now that I know where I will be I can settle down and be silly, bored, busy or just ignore it all. It's really hard for me to read one discussion after another talking on Wintry places getting Winter when Mother Nature has been a bit chintzy on the winter weather Down South in North Carolina this year.

In truth what really bugs me is the pattern is still pretty much the same as it was earlier in the year and I'm wondering how similar the 2020 Hurricane Season will be to the 2019 Hurricane Season. And volcanoes... how much of a factor could they be this coming year? The Earth is definitely shaking, rattling, rolling and spewing forth ash and possibly lava lamps for all of us to see. And we thought the election was gonna be crazy...  Mother Nature has tricks up her sleeve for sure.

I woke up early, couldn't get back to sleep and so took a walk in short sleeves and leggings to watch the sun quietly come up and do it's thing the way I like it ... as winter allows me a larger view of the sky what with the Oaks and Elms losing their leaves I can see the sky again. Love that.

But there is something going on in the air today... I can feel it online. Reading Cranky's Blog that is not his normal blog but that's normal for Cranky.

Then there was a post on Facebook by @icyclone that totally did me in last night.

Keeping busy... 
Sorry not sorry... 
...giggling yeah I get that!

Saved Cranky's blog for this morning because didn't want to think too much as I was trying to go to sleep.  Sorry but not sorry because it's January and that's a long ways away from the Hurricane Season but it is what it is and I can feel the mutual angst out there on all social media platforms.

Instagram has been fun too.

Dabuh been drawing kitties ;)

We all have a one track mind.
It's kind of cyclonic...

I made a video or two this morning...

Then I did another one....

After reading this Tweet.

Well you know after the January Thaw...
(that felt like an early Spring starting)
We have another chance....
...we can make another start..

And most randomly I agree with this...
..thought on it the other day.
Watching that last system.
..maybe an attempt at winter by the beach?

Listen I wake up and go to
I check out the snow maps.
The winter sites he has up..
I sigh.

I'd mention TWC is only on Jacob??
The J Storm on January 16th?
What's with that...
...well but Jim from Hurricane City will roll his eyes.
He's gonna get a headache rolling them.

But really says a lot.
Jacob....... January?
They ain't making it thru the Alphabet this way.

So that's it.
For my Alphabet Soup of Meteorology today.

Going out to play before I need a coat again.
And dreaming of Seattle....
...cause Seattle comes before Miami ;)

Sweet Tropical Dreams
(and I do mean that.......)
Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram. proofing it's January .. partly on vacation here.


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