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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Updated 11 PM. Kirk, TD 11, Invests in the Atlantic and Thoughts on a Friend's Passing..

Captain Kirk seems to have red shades on.
He's looking due West.
More on Kirk later.

11 PM Update.

I feel like the NHC is a bit mean here. Editorializing vs discussion. I don't like to complain. But how does a TD moving 3 mph move erratically? Movement of 3 MPH isn't really movement. In 6 hours that would be about 18 miles. It's kind of hard even in a good flater to see any real movement to say it's moving erratically. Maybe I missed something earlier. The cone showed it crawling along to it's ultimate death I wasn't expecting much drama hered. Hmnn.

 "After moving erratically during the afternoon, the center of the depression appears to have become
disrupted by convection to its east,"
As for Tropical Storm Kirk..
Keeping him weak right now despite warm waters he is traversing in a low shear environment but conditions get murkier down the road. Note they don't get it about 60 MPH so watch the intensity over the next day or so and see if they hit the mark or missed the mark intensity wise in the short term.
The cone remains the same. Your typical "oh my goodness there's a CV storm" sort of track that makes everyone in the Islands and Florida worry a bit as the latter part of the cone shows it pulling more to the North avoiding a sure death is South America. Actually in this case a low track closer to South America and further away from the developing Subtropical Storm/Gale Center in the Mid Atlantic would probably help it some. Time will tell. 
Busy times in the tropics.
It's September remember?

Busy times in the Atlantic huh? Busy but nothing immediate and compelling in our faces to worry about. Obviously there are some concerns. The clean up from Florence goes on and will for years to come. This is that time of year, that week or so when I balance my love of tropical weather and weather in general with trying to do the Jewish Holidays that come in September at the peak of the season. Tomorrow evening begins the holiday with the outdoor booths, but I'm going to be away for that holiday or at least a part of it and seems I need to find my leggings and a sweater. Getting out of NC for a few days :) closer to an Autumn feeling. I guess i'll get a PSL at a Starbucks somewhere vs a frappe. I will update this later tonight after the 11 PM advisory package and obviously again Sunday morning. The actual satellite imagery is shown below. The big swirl center stage in the Atlantic is Invest 9OL with high chances of becoming a named player later this week. A smaller swirl to it's West that is 98L the much talked about system with DNA from Florence mixed in with an old front and other general weather. It may or may not flirt with East Coast later this week.. if so I'm in for flirting. Not expecting much of it as much depends on what happens with Invest 9OL that is forecast to become a huge subtropical maybe tropical system in that region of the Atlantic where things go subtropical before going tropical. I know that made sense.


Sorry I didn't post earlier this evening as planned. Aside from cleaning up and packing I had some news that didn't totally surprise me but the sort of news that always surprises you. I have a close friend Lisa whose mother Laurel passed away, but the backstory on this is that my friend Lisa's older sister Linda was my best friend growing up. So I spent a lot of time in Laurel's house over my teen years watching her talk, cook, watch television shows and endlessly, seemingly all year prepare for the Channel 2 PBS Fundraising Auction in Miami as that was her project. Sometimes her project overtook our lives at times and other times we just ignored our parents as girlfriends often do involved in our everyday dramas of life. Linda and I both had a lot of drama... we met actually at drama class when we were in elementary school. We progressed through Middle School and High School and a summer we did a lot of Summer Stock productions together mostly of "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" and our parent's lives were often back burner to our larger than life teen years. We were smart, popular and very busy with boyfriends and club meetings and school projects and buying presents at Woolworths or at the Mall for Lisa her little sister. So Lisa was a part of my life for years, in a cute little sister way. Both Linda and I had younger siblings; both Linda and I were First Children... older siblings and probably in ways not easy to grow up in the shadow of for various reasons. Though it was probably easier for my younger brothers than being Linda's younger sister. I'm pretty sure it wasn't always easy being Laurel's child as she was the ultimate Stage Mother or "wanna be stage mother" pushing her daughters into the various arts that a stage mother would want their creative, dramatic prodigies to undertake so that one day she could be mentioned at the Oscar's when one of the won an Oscar for Best Actress in a production directed by and written by Linda or Lisa. I mean seriously when you grow up with those expectations... it's not easy. But after Linda died and I moved off to California (no I didn't win an Oscar either) Lisa had to go on with life as it was and she was an awesome daughter to her larger than life mother. Years later when Lisa and Laurel lived in California in Laurel's old age she acted in commercials and even a very popular music video. Go figure huh? Long run on sentences here sorry but this is the reality of life. 

Some people are like storms.... others are quiet and you barely notice them. Laurel was larger than life so hearing on her passing tonight after Shabbos kind of threw me a bit. There's a picture somewhere at my first wedding... I'm pretty sure at times people who weren't close with my family but there wondered if she was mother as she flitted about me posing for pictures :) Good memories. Just sort of threw me off my game so I haven't packed and I have barely looked at the models. Sunday morning's blog with have my thoughts and the model's thoughts. Well the models don't have thoughts but they certainly have a lot to say. Here's the cone for Kirk below. I feel so bad, I forgot about Keith and as all K storms in my mind go back to Katrina. Keith was a bad, Category 4 storm that stayed South and slammed into Central America.

Laurel was more like Florence than TD 11.
TD 11 seems to have been thrown a bone.
They named it to kill it off.
It's not even going to make it to prime time it seems.
She said "it seems" note that.

That's what they said.

Kind of harsh if you ask me.
Why bother?
It has a closed low.
It actually reminds me of Beryl.
Small tight system yet no real love from the NHC.

I'll update later

I'll updating this blog after the 11 PM advisories. Just to note Tropical Storm Kirk has formed in the very distant Atlantic near Africa. Tropical Depression 11

I read an old book today.
It said from the full moon in August.........
...until the full moon in October.
The tropics come alive.
And September usually brings a threat to Florida.
I don't know that that is true this year.
But if it was.... it's time has come.
Yet.. usually Florida get's a storm in October.
Up from the Caribbean.

Speaking of Florida they beat Tennessee.
Little secret there...
No matter what happens all year.
If they beat Tennessee they have a winning season.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps had a version of this song in my head all week.
Now I know why.
Isn't it typical?
You know the picture you are looking for...
...but it's not in the box you can reach.
Another day. So many pictures.
The picture will Laurel looking proud isn't nearby.
Just the one of my me and Linda and Lisa.
Old picture... I looked way too relaxed to be a bride.
Good news I found my Fall wardrobe!
Me, Linda and Lisa.
No time to look for pictures tonight.

We were really young to wear flapper dresses
But we did.
Danced on stage.


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