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Friday, March 16, 2018

FIU Pedestrian Bridge Collapse. Miami Tragedy. Thoughts from a FIU Graduate with An Incredible Son Who Attends FIU

So many tragic ironies in the tragedy of the FIU Pedestrian Bridge Collapse. Yes I used a form of tragic twice in a sentence as this is the most tragic story on so many levels. I'm into redundancy today. The bridge over the 8 lane highway was designed to save lives and connect the general FIU campus with the City of Sweetwater where there are several FIU buildings as well as several dormitories. There have been many deaths previously where students trying to get across the large, busy highway that always seems busy have died. In Miami "rush hour" is from 6 AM until 8 PM basically; it's an all day event. 

My son attends FIU and he is working on a Masters of Architecture. My son loves photography and takes photos constantly capturing all angles from shadows to reflections to well... every little detail he captures and records. He's a deep thinker. He and much of FIU was looking forward to this bridge's completion and we've talked on it often the last few weeks. He was at attendance at a special ceremony this past weekend when the bridge was finally lifted into position. It was not finished, but it was on it's way towards completion.

Time is short here and I just wanted to record the irony and sad tragic event on the blog today. Worried on shutting down the major street known affectionately in Miami as Tamiami Trail .... they chose a manner of construction that has become popular in large busy cities of late. Something went horribly wrong. 

The close up pictures are too graphic to show.
Everyone in Miami wonders on hurricanes.
How will a bridge stand up to a Cat 5 Hurricane?

The artist rendering below is what it should have looked like.

What would have been a beautiful walk...

But now it's in ruin, laying across the highway.
Crushing cars below.
The death toll will go higher.

Category 5 Level Horrific.

To put this in perspective my son took this picture the other night while stopped under the bridge at the light where the cars shown above were stopped waiting for it to turn green. He grabbed the moment to snap this picture and admire the bridge still under construction. Normally I don't post his pictures, but he posted it on Instagram so I'm showing it here. 

There's been hours of discussion.
I've watched Miami News online.
CNN moved on to Stormy whats her name... 
Back to politics..... pathetically.

But in Miami the tragedy goes on.
We will soon find out .... many people were in those crushed cars.

Pray for their families.
Because FIU is an incredibly wonderful school.
What was meant to be a wonder...
...has become a sad, tragic story.
It's a Miami story it seems.
So I'm writing about it.
It's personal to me.

I'll write more when I have time.
A good article below details the many details.

Besos BobbiStorm
@Bobbistorm on Twitter
FIU Graduate.

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