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Monday, February 05, 2018

Philadelphia Eagles Win the Super Bowl! Foles Enjoys the Victory Along With Most of America. Life Lessons Learned From Football

The times they are a changing....

It's been a long time.

Philadelphia Eagles won the World Series.
Foles believed.
The Eagles believed.
The Eagles won!

Brady didn't pull out a victory.
As someone said...
...time ran out.

But in truth the Eagles played hard.
The Eagles played a perfect game.
Despite injuries....
...they played and they won!

People say a young hot team that's never been there before cannot win in the Super Bowl as there is just something about THE SUPER BOWL but on any given Super Bowl Sunday rules can be broken. Speaking of rules there were very few penalties in a well played aggressive game with few punts and pretty much any possession of the ball led to a score of some kind. It was the type of game people who love offense love and I do. For those who say defense wins games it's worth saying the defense on both sides often held teams to a Field Goal. It was a great game all around.

Often Super Bowls are one sided boring games where commentators look back at other games that led up to the Super Bowl while one side pours on the score higher and higher while the other team looking beaten has failure in their eyes as they stare at the clock wishing it would be over sooner; not this time when time moved fast and furious. 

A really great game. Yes as I'm a Miami Dolphins fan I really don't like New England. In some of the darkest worst seasons Miami has had fans have taken brief refuge in the glow of beating New England. But to tell you the truth I like the Eagles. My oldest daughter lived there for several years so I took to rooting for them. And, who can't root for a player like Foles who is centered and focused and not so easily rattled? As the video below explains "time of possession" often wins games and time management assures a win more than a "2 minute drill" ability to try and catch up that many quarterbacks have been famous for as they try to eek out a victory. Possession is the game and when you use time wisely you never have to play catch up.

And lastly there was this sense of "no excuses" as their team had many injuries including their star quarterback but won with a back up quarterback that many teams in the league would not have put on their roster. The investment of Foles as a back up quarterback may have been their wisest decision in years. Earl Morrall may have gotten the Miami Dolphins to the Super Bowl but Bob Griese played in the big games. Morrall was the work horse but Griese got the glory. Ironically Brady won the Super Bowl as a back up quarterback showing how irony always rubs salt into the wound. Yes the times they are a changing.

The truth is having someone you trust to have your back and to be there when you need them is one of the most valuable choices we make in life not just in football. Often when young strength, charm and charisma steals the show and though they often win the game in college their fail later in life when playing in the NFL. But finding someone who can go the distance despite injuries and finding ways to overcome the hard times is what makes a great team player or life partner. We learn much from football that can also be applied to the game of life.

So for all those Philly fans who love Rocky and love when an under dog plays hard and wins the big game.... I'm smiling.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... Back to weather tomorrow. Oh did I mention there is a storm system moving east again that will drop temperatures but today the rain has ended and the sun has come out and it's time to shine and enjoy the sweet victory that most of America was rooting for or possibly in this case against another New England win. It's a new day and the times they are a changing.

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