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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Winter Solstice. A Season of Thankfulness, Gratitude and As Always Wishing For Snow ;)

First of all remember while reading this I am a Capricorn baby... so I kind of like Winter. I like the way the trees look in North Carolina when you see their structure and the blue sky shines through as the sun lights up the tops of the always green pine trees. It's also always a treat to me that the world is naturally air conditioned! Miami girl up north...that's how it feels to me. You can put extra clothes on to warm you up but there is a limit to the clothes you can take off when it's muggy! I have a friend who called from Miami this morning, he had his "Summer Headache" as it felt more like Summer there than Winter. Then again I know some people who love having summer 365 days a year! It worked for Carl Fisher when he was selling Miami Beach in January in the 1920s to people up north who could afford a piece of swamp land to run to when they wanted to get away from the snow.

Today IS the Winter Solstice; that moment when it is officially "Winter" and many in America feel that if it's this cold they feel justified to get snow. Mind you if they live in large metropolitan areas where the picture perfect snow turns into brown slush after a few hours they may not be wishing for snow. In places like Virginia and the Carolinas and parts of Georgia we like the snow. Okay, those who moved here from Cleveland and Cincinnati do not like the snow . . .

Not sure what it is about "Winter" but it brings out the Haters as well as the people who LOVE Winter. May you all be blessed to live where you like the weather and if you can't be blessed with enough money to hop on a plane and be where you love you want to be more often!

Leaving you with a few links that have both good and bad info --- because that's the way of the world!

You choose to obsess on whether there is some dark, disturbing story behind the Winter Solstice or whether you can find happiness and beauty today.

As for me I am coming off the glow of 8 days of Chanukah and enjoying the decorated beauty of the world this holiday season. After January 1st people often turn into Scrooge and start complaining about the winter weather they prayed for in November. Human Nature I suppose is always looking forward to tomorrow. As for me I'm going to live in the day today and enjoy the moments. A wonderful thing happened last night suddenly (talk on a surprise being good!) and my friend looks like a young girl about to get married. She's the mother of ten children and she has gone through the hardest of times and the prayers of many were answered yesterday. I've listened to more live singing than you can imagine (unless you followed my Tweets last night) and didn't get much sleep. But I'm awake, smiling and going to spend today reflecting, giving thanks and taking it all in...

I'm happy.
Be happy.
I'm thankful.
Be thankful.
Toda means thankful in Hebrew ;)

Try hard to see the beauty in the world and not the negative. Don't be a complainer. Believe the good in things, you become what you believe...  And if you believe enough then rather than being sad and complaining you CAN become what ever you want to be ... make changes to your life whether than means commitment to something, someone or taking on a new life ... a new direction. Music brings joy so leaving it with that. Take control of your life and if you don't like the weather... go find the weather you like and if you can't go right now.... you can take a virtual trip on Youtube ;)

Besos BobbiStorm
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