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Sunday, December 24, 2017 the 5 Day Forecast.... and 10 Day Forecast? Carolina & Virginia Snow?

I love how Mike covers Winter ;)

The above is the 24 hour snow forecast projection map. Sort of the bottom line less than a day away.  The map below is a 5 day projection and shows more snow showing up down the road. It's only late December there is a whole Winter yet to go for snow lovers. For those who do not like snow... May I suggest thinking of moving somewhere that it is way warmer! Like somewhere South of Jacksonsville Florida...

I blame a lot of this in Irving Berlin.  For some illogical reason people everywhere expect that it should snow on Christmas morning (or even Christmas Eve) and I'm talking EVERYONE. Jews who don't do Christmas as well as the sweet Indian guy down the block who may have his Indian restaurant open tomorrow .... feels cheated if it doesn't snow on Christmas. I'm pretty sure the pooch downstairs that always looks sad and the two geese that show up every morning at 8 AM are feeling it should snow tomorrow. But, it's just a date on the meteorological calendar and if it's that important to you then you should plan a vacation somewhere every year way up North like possibly Washington State ... around Chicago or Maine. Otherwise... you may be disappointed! I'm pretty sure no one in Argentina or Brazil expects snow for Christmas as it's summer down there this time of year. Possibly a cute girl on the beach in Ipanema but no snow. People in Key West do just fine without snow and all the years I lived in L.A. it did not snow and life went on.

That said.......  we have three chances for snow over the next two weeks in the Carolinas. Every weather site online varies a little in it's expression for snow and there is more a chance those geese show up than any meteorologist nails the forecast this far out. That said.... it may snow!

Note how different the forecasts are with regard to the same city on the same computer at the same time!

The 5 day shows an invasion of the Snow Line.

So over the next few days it's going to feel a lot like Winter in the Carolinas and with or without snow you will need to bundle up and stay warm!. Obviously the Mid West, NW and a good part of the NE is going to be complaining by January 1st and saying "how much more of this can we take?"

I'll be back over the next few days to talk in more detail about this new push South by New Man Winter, but I want to take this time to wish everyone a happy, enjoyable holiday and new year filled with just the weather you want! Yesterday was my Hebrew birthday, as we have a lunar based calendar the calendars like the GFS and the EURO rarely match up! My daughter-in-law gave birth on my birthday to Olivia Eden so I've been busy shopping for presents to take down in a few weeks to Miami.

May you all be blessed with happiness and the weather you desire the most!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... Loving the Carolina Panthers who constantly KEEP POUNDING! Going to the Playoffs!!


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