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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Irma Forms In Atlantic. Long Range Landfall Concerns Abound

The main concern with Irma is the long term potential for trouble. Do not be fooled by it's higher current location as it's future track takes a southerly route on its way towards a possible tango with many different destinations. There are so many intangibles the main point now is to be aware it is there.

We have to watch, wait and observe the set up over the next week to see where it will really be in a week. Because models show a variety of positions in the Atlantic threatening a variety of coastal regions.

As Harvey exits the scene sadly Irma may become the next player in the ongoing drama that is the 2017 Old School Classic Hurricane Season.

I'll update later in the day. Stay tuned.

Now is the time to figure out what you would do if Irma chooses your city as a travel destination.

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