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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hurricane Irma Forecast to Approach Islands as a Cat 4.

Very short post. I'm in Brooklyn waking up from a wedding that ended around 4 AM. Leaving to go home later today so expect a long post this evening.

Irma is a very Classic old school CV Hurricane. Picture perfect and a track to scare anyone in her path. The problem is there will be many people in her path; short term Dominica, Martinique and long term a possible landfall as a Major Hurricane somewhere along the US coast. Hoping a path out to sea opens up as some models suggest. Most models do not show that currently.

Remember those 1950 and 1960 hurricanes that traveled up the coast? Remember Harvey...

I'm not hyping this as much as giving y'all heads up and fair warning. This is the hurricane season from hell you've all been worrying on. It's hard to imagine another disaster after Harvey but history has taught us patterns persist. Just is what it is... So pay close attention as many will say this is a Carolina problem, others Miami and other Houston and Nola.

All possible currently's so far out. Models are not reliable now other than showing us one thing. A long tracking Major Hurricane traveling South of a hard ridge. It's a good time to put strong cold fronts on your wish list...

I'll update later.

Bottom Line.... Check your hurricane plans, supplies and hope for an equally strong cold front or the US coast is going to experience a Major Hurricane .. again.

Besos BobbiStorm

PS keep donating to the charities trying to help survivors of Hurricane Harvey.

And yes some models show another system in BOC. Beyond being more trouble for Texas it could become a steering current we don't need with Irma traveling west. And another strong wave behind Irma. This is why we say... September Remember.


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