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Friday, October 14, 2016

Nicole Leaves Bermuda, NW Storm Moves In. Possible Trouble In Carib Down the Road. NHC Says NO Landfall Because "CENTER" of the EYE Did Not Make Landfall .. I Can't Even...

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

A good loop showing Nicole leaving the scene.
And the storm in the NW moving in.
In between are some highs and lows.

As for Nicole we can see Bermuda again.
She has moved on to the North Atlantic Graveyard of Canes.

Down in the Caribbean there is the potential for trouble...
...way down the road. 
It's October.

SW Caribbean stays wet this time of year.
Winds favor the formation of something often.
Keep watching.

Regarding Hurricane Nicole I really can't even... You know when there are no words what so ever left to write on something so ridiculous that it's beyond a joke yet really happening? In the surreal world of the laws that the NHC lives by they refuse to say the eye went over Bermuda because despite the illusions on the radar the "center of the eye" did not go over Bermuda. Yes, Bermuda got an eye wall and yes it got part of the eye but it didn't get "the center of the eye" and their recon in the storm didn't find that eye was over Bermuda. The radar you see isn't really what is there but a poor representation and yet it has been used in the past to ascertain landfall.... Hemine that they hated as an Invest and hated more as a Tropical Depression was never officially given a landfall point as they usually do.  The actual wording was that it made landfall " NEAR SAINT MARKS FLORIDA WITH 80 MPH WINDS..."     

It's not football where any part of the football crossing the goal line is a touchdown. Can you imagine if we had to have government employees run out with their tape and stop the game and measure to see if the center of the ball crossed the goal line? It's as if they have some City job where if they come in under budget they all get a big Christmas bonus if no EYE makes landfall on Bermuda. I'm being polite. I could get more obnoxious (if you work you know where and are reading this) so let's move on to another hurricane like storm in the NW part of the country. If you have an Aunt or Uncle that lives in Bermuda and sent you a picture and told you they got the eye please refer them to the NHC not me I believe they got a landfalling Major Hurricane in Bermuda.

In 1962 a large storm known as the Columbus Day Storm hit the NW part of this country. Oregon, Washington and parts of Canada were affected by strong gusts and winds of hurricane force. There was tremendous damage and it's legendary in that part of the world. Posting two links below from that event that was very tropical. Actually, then as now, a tropical entity got wrapped up in the overall larger pattern adding extra oomph to the strong Gale. Note oomph has the word MPH in it so shows how windy and strong it can be....

Tropical Storm Freda in the Central Pacific... wrapped up into the 1962 storm.

Tropical moisture from Typhoon Songda... wrapped up in the 2016 Storm.

Think of this as the Perfect Storm but in the NW..
You know how Grace interacted with other the systems... 

Storms by any other names are ... Gales :)
A good explanation of what is happening and why.

Please watch the videos below... learn from the past what might be happening soon.

Remember that the woman telling this story was a young girl when it happened. The wind picked her up and blew her into a car.

Here's another one... So this is big news and as it's compared to a hurricane I will cover it as such. Oh but there's no cone. Some compared the 1962 storm to a Category 3 Hurricane though I'm sure the NHC will point out why it wasn't. It's a NWS story so please check with your local NWS if you have loved ones in that affected area

Graphics below for the NW Hurricane Like Storm.

Again note put in your Zipcode.
Make your own weather page for your location.
Or put in the location of someone you know in the NW...

Rainfall totals:

I'll be back when there's something more to say.
South Carolina and North Carolina have flooding still.
Flooding from a hurricane that was supposed to loop...
..wasn't supposed to hit NC..
Barely touched South Carolina.
Didn't make landfall in NC 
And affected Florida but Florida didn't get Matthew officially.
(because they got the eye WALL not the eye)
And despite the curly cue track...
... it was a Hurricane near OBX and Virginia

Going to put this up for my friend.
Friend loves Saturday Night Live ..

Because really I can't even...

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps.. PLEASE learn to check with the NWS for your local weather

Bottom Right.
Get's bad with the ABC Liquor store is closed :(


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