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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

EL NINO Problems in LA and MISSISSIPPI RIVER FLOOD ... Which story is bigger?

Weather is a matter of perspective. It's sort of like that saying it's minor surgery unless it's happening to you and then it's major surgery. Same thing for weather. Hurricane Katrina was a BIG hurricane in Miami, a big mess that tangled our lives up the way ficus trees mangled peoples homes, lawns and plumbing. As Hurricane Katrina went on to hit and wipe out the 9th Ward of New Orleans we were told Katrina was not so bad in Miami. I have a friend who had 3 large banyan trees slam into her house in Coral Gables yet she was told to put it into perspective...

The heartland of the country along the Mississippi River has been flooding. The Weather Channel aptly called it a slow motion disaster. It's pretty bad and when I say "pretty bad" I mean it's going to go down as a flood for the record books. Maybe not the worst, but bad. Homes destroyed. Some reports attribute 15 to 25 deaths from this tragic weather event.

Yet it has gotten little coverage and it's sort of written off as "yeah rivers flood" . . .

I asked a few people if they had heard about it. One told me he heard about the snow in New Mexico and he thinks he "saw a picture of St. Louis with heavy rain or maybe flooding" yet he wasn't sure.

I guess there are no polls being done as to the most important news story of the week, month or year.

Yet I had a breaking news flash in North Carolina that California finally had a massive El Nino storm and there was flooding going on. Seeing how I lived in LA for many years it caught my attention.

I know that corner well. 
Boy that vehicle is really stuck.

Parts of the story are below.

So I ask you... 
...which is the bigger story?

Multiple states over a wide area have devastating floods?
People die...their homes are under water up to the roof tops.

LA has a lot of traffic with some street flooding.
Millions of people are impacted by bad road conditions.

The answer is obviously Mississippi River flooding.
Yet... stories about LA are sexy.
They lead on the nightly news.


Los Angeles, California.
Just the name of the city gets attention.

And I LOVE LA as the song goes but lost today in the news on Obama's Press Conference and Donald Trump's sound bites regarding the Press Conference on Gun Control and the multiple polls on the election coming up in November.... and the story on the EL NINO WARNING... was the tragic flood in the heartland of the country, rolling slowly down the Mighty Mississippi towards more dates with destiny down river. But, like when the news crews roll up their cameras after landfall on Wrightsville Beach after Hurricane Floyd it took the news media a bit to realize the bigger story was inland flooding across a wide part of North Carolina. 

Often in the news the real story gets lost in the big print headlines.

Floods are not sexy and when I say "sexy" I mean they don't lead.
They don't grab the attention.

EL NINO WARNINGS catch attention.

...catches attention.

Just reminding you what's important here.

I also remembered how much I love the West Coast.
I'm not moving there, however I do hope to spend more time there.
I liked LA a lot. It took a while.

Yup...from the mountains. My In Laws lived up near the mountains.
You wake up and see the sun coming over the mountains.

We'd go for a ride across Signal Hill down to the Queen Mary for drinks.
We would drive down to Malibu and visit friends in Pacific Palisades.
Loved that drive down ...down...round... to the water.

Then you hit Pacific Coast Highway... oh love that drive.
Love all the little beach towns along the way in LA.

It really does look like that :)

But... let's put some strong rain and minor mudslides aside.
The real story is the life and death drama along the Mississippi.

Oh and that low that I spoke on forming off the coast of Florida formed.
Not a tropical low but a low pressure system at the end of the front.
It did indeed form...

It's cold in Raleigh.
It was 25 this morning.
I'm going to Miami soon...or as the natives say MYami!

Sweet Tropical Dreams,
Bobbi Storm.

Ps Why would anyone want to live anywhere else?
Seriously? So beautiful. 
From San Diego up to Seattle... stunning.



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