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Monday, January 04, 2016

Updated! 2016 Stock Market Falls & Possibly Snow Flakes. A Change in the Weather... Cold Moving In. How Low Will the Stock Market Go I Wonder?

I'll take a page from Mike and use his graphics :) He is better at graphics than me as I use words to paint a picture. Words and music to quote Eddie in Eddie and the Cruisers. I hope I got that right as I don't have time today to watch that whole movie...

The sun is out in Raleigh; blue skies and squirrels looking overly frisky. Briefly we had the heater on and I do say briefly as I don't like using the heater. Trust me it will be on tonight. The thermometer, like the stock market, is falling today. There is a rumor that snow flurries may flutter about in the sky with no noticeable accumulation.  Winter is definitely making a statement. A cold front is racing down the State of Florida and in Seattle snow fell a bit yesterday.

You can see Winter's Dance on the Water Vapor Loop below. Yes, it's that noticeable.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

In color... watch that front moving down towards Florida.

It is as the evil warlock named El Nino put a spell on 2015.
At midnight when the oak fell in Raleigh (yes I aid the oak...)
The temperatures dropped along with the oak.

It's an oak and as Raleigh is still kind of Mayberryish...
...they haven't put up one for this past year.
But, hey one oak looks a lot like another oak.
Well.. unless you are a squirrel.

Seattle got snow which is rare.
It's a nice little spot there where palm trees mix with pine trees.
Inland currents keep the region that far north relatively warm in winter.
Relatively speaking my daughter-in-law who lived in Postville Iowa was not happy.
My granddaughter Bella announced if you couldn't make a snow man....'s not real snow. 

Not my kid's videos but looks similar by them..

I love their pine trees.
North Carolina pine trees are not as pretty.
Sorry but true.

Not my grandson as he's excited.
Mine probably didn't stop coding to look at the flurries falling.

This is totally how I am if it snows at all ...
...even a few flurries.

It's a sign that God loves me ;)
Or Mother Nature.

In Alaska when it snows its just another day in the neighborhood.
In Raleigh it's cause for panic, fear and freaking out.

A stray flurry translated means "DO NOT PANIC"

Then again if you are playing the stock market...


Rarer than snow flakes in Raleigh is a chance to see the Northern Lights.
I'm sort of skeptical of that but time will tell.

Personally I'm a Wes fan. He reports, doesn't act "ho hum" about weather.

I don't need hype but I do like reporting and a passion for weather!

Good news the tumbling stocks have leveled off... maybe.
Looks like it's tracing the Southern border of Oklahoma.
Sorry...spatial memory. See? You thought I was making that up...

Easier to predict the weather than the Dow Jones.

Breaking News in my world is the blue skies have just disappeared.
So have the squirrels. Do they know something I don't?

Wish I had taken a pic of the blue sky.
But who thought it would change that fast?

So... will be updating later today or whenever there is news worth posting.

My son arrived in JFK today. 
He said security was so visible he thought he was in Israel.
Good to know .. security is doing their job.

What will 2016 bring?

Not sure... but if I get a snow flake or two today.
I'm going to be a happy camper.

Extra credit "wow" goes to a purple circle in the South Atlantic.

The front that is sweeping through South Florida.
Sweeping away any formation down there ...duh

And again say a prayer for those in the path of the Mississippi River.
Slow moving disaster indeed.

A story that is far from over.
Possibly like the stock market drop...

Down 425.06 and falling faster than the barometer...

Update: Market tried to rally...

Still looks like Oklahoma to me!

And we did have snow flurries in Raleigh today.
Not for long... but it was fun while it lasted.
A sign perhaps of things to come...

Besos BobbiStorm

Ps.. Winter is a whole lot more doable when holding a ticket to Miami ;)

Go Panthers!
Really getting dark here in Raleigh ... knew there would be a song. 


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