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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bill Does Oklahoma....

Look at Bill... front and center there over Oklahoma.

I've highlighted in yellow

1) cyclonic circulation of Bill
2) a westbound tropical wave in the Central Atlantic
3) Some tropical showers in BOC & SW Carib

Mainly today it's all about the remnants of Bill.
Or as the NHC is calling it Tropical Depression Bill is one of the best Oklahoma sites when weather is happening.
Usually KOCO is where I go for Twister information.
Today, Oklahoma is dealing with Bill.

Which makes me wonder...

How many states have seen Tropical Weather 
Tropical Storms
Tropical Depressions
Organized Remnants

There's a map going around Facebook today...

Now that we know I'm apparently Greek from my feet...
We have moved on to places we've been.

I have a big family. 
It's like a reality TV show
New York Times
Washington Post
(kidding with the last two haha...not really)


This is my map.

I'm a Deep South Girl who has lived in LA.

Can you say I-10.

Oh WAIT.....I've been to Nevada........


With Bill's trek north I'm wondering... 
What states have been directly impacted by tropical weather?

I taught for Chabad in Minnesota for 2 summers.
And, my son lived in Postville, Iowa
He moved to Seattle...
Obviously if not for him 
I'd never leave the South and I-95

But, I've been to Hurricane Country.

That's why I write about it.

Write about what you know...


Bill is in Oklahoma today.

Where's Bill headed?

I guess I'll have the song Oklahoma stuck in my brain today...

Besos Bobbi

Ps... One Crazy storm in NC last night.. 
Lightning, thunder, heavy rain
Hurricane Season
Connect the dots...


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