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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Solstice in Seattle.. Is it Really Spring??

So far away from the tropics this morning in Seattle with my kids who are on the West Coast. So far away from Miami and Raleigh, back on the West Coast...  The picture above is about as high up on the West Coast that I could be today looking out the window onto Old Forest Ridge.  An incredible road that winds its way up the ridge that looks more like a mountain to me, but is really one of the seven hills that Seattle is built upon. You feel ask if you are riding up through the Blue Ridge Parkway.

See what I mean?

The main thing I wanted to point out today is how "normal" the US radar is finally in that the snow is in the north and the rain is in the South.  Most of the weather is still on the East Coast, but as we have transitioned into Spring we have what looks like a normal "winter" pattern. What a year...

As I watched the spring solstice slide officially from winter into spring, I watched winter work it's white magical, endless web across the radar in my room here in Seattle. What else would you use a TV screen for ??? I sit here typing, watching the current loop jiggle about back and forth as the sun flirts with the idea of coming out. There's a progression of fronts ... wet weather systems moving from West to East. Moisture down from the Gulf of Mexico (still there) moving in and merging with the East bound Southern Jet. Across the top half of the nation winter holds onto it's cold, icy grip. My daughter in New York sent me pictures Friday afternoon of her back yard private Siberia covered again in snow and ice. 

Note the flow from the Gulf of Mexico. Still awfully wet down there and funneling moisture north into the plains and the Deep South.

rb-animated.gif (720×480)

How difficult is it to love two different places at the same time, both so different and so far from each other. Key West...........and Seattle, about as far away from each other as you can get. But, I love them both.

Tawana Andrews an on air meteorologist in the "Delta" is my women in meteorology for the day. I follow her, though not sure how I came to follow her I'm betting it's a retweet from a guy named Brad. She's good. She earned her degree from FSU an incredibly, excellent meteorology school. Great program if you are interested...

If you love weather and are a young girl...
Think on it... 
Get with it...
You might end up one day being the Head of the NHC ;)

View from my window as I sit here typing... 

Going off and out now to play with my kids in the city by Puget Sound on the banks of Lake Washington and Lake Union and so many lakes and hills here. Flowers in bloom everywhere. Tulips pushing up through the ground in shades of pink and purple.. 

More to come...

Besos Bobbi

Ps... Florida song for the Florida in me and for in so many of you... beautiful song, but a great group.

Florida Key, The New Basement Tapes


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