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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Travel Weather... Movies, Songs & All About the Hype

Well, there's nothing like a little hype mixed in with your turkey and crazy relatives for Thanksgiving weekend. I say "crazy" as it's a word I use affectionately to describe some people...

And, really anyone who wants to travel in crummy weather across the country to be together with other crazy people is most likely crazy in a good way! That said.. I have family members who have hit the road this morning to drive to North Carolina...which seems to be the halfway point as if my daughter and her husband drive down from New York they can meet in the middle.

Note.. nervous on kids driving in from NY because everyone is hyping this winter storm that is arriving early for Thanksgiving.

If you are on Twitter you will see a lot of travel weather discussion. I agree with Mike below, however I'd add if you don't live too far it's better to just drive over Thursday morning. Weather should be way better and do you really need to sleep at Grandma's house late today after arriving five hours later than you planned at 1 AM? Just a thought...

Let's take a look at the current USA radar.

Where is the snow coming down?

Charleston, WV, Roanoke VA and moving towards DC as I type this article.

This is definitely an East Coast Mess with all the weather fixings.

If you are flying here's a good link to use, however know it doesn't cover everything.

Note I know people stuck at FLL because planes were late arriving in from other places in the NE where travel is messed up. The weather there is not that bad, but the planes coming in are delayed.

If you are driving and you don't mind a few voice over advertisements (MLM???) and reading about brides and weddings they cover I95 really well.
They have all sorts of screens, weather cams and info that amazingly loads fast. 

My brother sent me his radar screen from his phone and complained.

I told him that's as good as it gets .. haha.. not really haha a messy drive from Miami.

Back to the snow...

That link is on that has some wonderful winter links.

I have a friend who asked me why he is "always changing his links" and I said.. "because the seasons are always changing and weather is always changing with the seasons" It's a tropical site in that it covers HURRICANES but seeing as we haven't had any round here lately and many parts of the hurricane coastline are experiencing winter weather... he's got great weather links for SNOW forecasts.  Obviously...........I want some snow...

Again the best place to go for localized weather whether you are planning a trip or on the road is the National Weather Service. Do not call Aunt Sally, unless she is the local on air weather person for that town, go directly to the NWS.

Let's pick a random town and see what it will show you.

Then go to the local forecast discussion:

That is for Baltimore... read it if you are passing through the DC or Baltimore area.

Note since I have been online the snow has pushed all the way East towards the coast and covering most of the Baltimore area. It's snowing in DC.

Put in your town I did... and it says as of now no snow showers today. Note I will be checking back often.

So... as for me I have to clean up the house because my family is coming. I'm not that worried on the meal as I keep it simple (no fancy jello molds or casseroles) and just have to go through my recipes for some last minute inspiration. Trader Joes, Publix and Whole Foods usually give me enough inspiration but after Thanksgiving comes Shabbos and I need some good sides to go with that leftover turkey..and I use maple syrup, honey bourbon and margarine as there won't be any butter on my Turkey but......enjoy. 

Stay happy, keep a song in your heart and a smile on your face and pray everyone gets to where they are going and work off those delicious calories ;)

Besos Bobbi

Ps I will update as needed if weather becomes a bigger story this Thanksgiving Weekend. And, if the turkey doesn't come out... serve pizza... or watch a good movie. My favorite Thanksgiving movie.  Was almost like peeking into my house...except my mother hated making Thanksgiving so my father had to sneak me out for a meal at the Cafeteria as he would whisper "don't tell your Mother!" and to this day......we never told Mother ;)  She didn't like turkey..I digress... have your favorite dressing ;) or all of them... it's a holiday of excess... 2 types of potatoes, 2 types of bread, 2 types of dressing...

Ps 2.......most of the country will have great weather for traveling but it's all about the East Coast right???


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