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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Major Hurricane Gonzalo & Ana Aim for Islands in the Stream. October Hurricane History Lesson. Severe WXR today in the South.. Stay aware. A look back at Hazel, Wilma, Sandy & The Perfect Storm

Update... Major Hurricane Gonzalo

Forecast to intensify to 140 MPH...

36H  16/0600Z 25.4N  68.7W  120 KT 140 MPH  (or earlier)

Nothing to add other than the search goes on for Hanna

Please read on and learn about other memorable October Hurricanes... and more discussion on Gonzalo and Tropical Storm Ana as well as severe weather today in the South

You know that great old Country ballad "Islands in the Stream" ???

Islands in the stream are in danger this week of landfalls by the real thing hurricanes.

Let's look up close and personal at BOTH of these tracks. No, Virginia it's not your eyes darlin'

That's M for Major Hurricane Gonzalo aka GONZO

That's a H for Hurricane Ana aiming at the Big Island of Hawaii

You don't see that often let alone at the same time.

Bermuda and Hawaii are under the gun today and in the middle of forecast cones for effects of hurricanes. Go figure. Talking if that happens it's like Mother Nature is threading two needles at the same time in her old age. Mid October is getting long in the tooth for strong hurricanes. And, yet many a strong hurricane has formed and done massive destruction in October.

Let's review that list. People for some reason (probably the old saying) think hurricane season is September and that it's all over in October. No.. it's all over AFTER October usually..though there have been November and December storms.

A long list of memorable October Hurricanes:

Hurricane Sandy most recently. Beautiful Hurricane from an atheistic point of view...

If you remember Sandy was the storm that stole Halloween.

Remember Mitch? Became a Hurricane on October 24th...

How about Hurricane Wilma? Another October Surprise from the Caribbean.

I know everyone in South Florida remembers her. She made the Jewish Holiday of Simchas Torah difficult... yet we danced in the synagogue under a chandelier with flashlights on ropes hanging down as if we were in Europe somewhere in the days before electricity. And, kids were discouraged from walking around on Halloween as well ... as there was damage everywhere in October.

Wilma blew away the holiday sukkos as well as the Eruv.. even covered by Sun Sentinel

Another good story of how people raced to help others and help a friend. I'm friends with that Rabbi.. amazing guy Ganzburg. Simchas Torah is the 4th quarter of the Jewish High Holidays and Torahs needed to be taken to safety after synagogues were damaged and people didn't have much to celebrate except for water and hurricane supplies. But we made do.. we barbecued a turkey over a fire made inside a circle of coral rocks (borrowed from neighbors.. it's okay we shared the turkey too) and well.. South Florida remembers Wilma. Note the time stamp.. late October.

(not my family.. just random people being helped out by others... )
(a honest blog post from Miami as we were getting ready for Wilma...)

And, then many like Joe Bastardi never forget Hazel. Another October Hurricane to remember.

Actually the infamous Perfect Storm of book and movie fame was another late October Hurricane story. Enjoy this look back at TWC doing an update on Hurricane Grace.

Remember..before there was the Perfect Storm... there was Hurricane Grace in October.

Great book...good movie. Of course all I got was a tee shirt from the production crew, but we won't go there will we??? Nice shirt. Yellow.. PF Yellow actually... imagine standing there at night staring out into the dark at the full moon, the surf..arms raised... ummm okay back to Hurricane Gonzalo ;)

So... let's all keep in mind that as the MJO is ON and the tropics have come alive in the Atlantic. There is talk of  Hanna forming either in the GOM from the remnants of the cold front slicing through the South and taking people's lives along with it... oddly saving the SE from a direct hit by a hurricane named Gonzalo. Go figure. Life is strange. Damage is damage. Does it matter if you die from a twister taking your trailer over the rainbow of from high winds and storm surge of a hurricane? Death is death.  Weather is weather. One way of the other.. Mother Nature is gonna get you when she is on a rampage and she IS on a rampage today.

I'll stick to the tropics as that is my speciality and the tropics are alive today. But if you live in the path of the storms today in the South take them REAL SERIOUSLY...  (find your city ...bottom right of the page)

Stay prepared and aware cause...the Heat is On..

Let's start with Hurricane Gonzalo as you rarely see such a perfect storm.

Evacuating energy in all directions perfectly, no shear anywhere, swallowed up dry air and exploded.
Pinwheel Eye..

Gonzalo is forecast to be an even more powerful storm later today and as he approaches Bermuda he will make Fay look like a dress rehearsal.

Awesome modeling job by the awesome models. One reason everyone waits to see what the EURO says vs the GFS is because of how spot on it can be days away. And, remember the CMC was calling for this hurricane before the others picked up on it. Something to remember.

That diving, deadly system that is slicing through the South is saving the SE from a landfalling Major Hurricane.

I do mean this.. say a prayer for the families of the people who died in last night storms and take precautions for today's storms in the South. There's Gonzalo... behind it is a area being watched by the NHC however it is having problems pulling itself together. It does have convection, but the center is not directly under the convection. the tail end of that front there in the GOM... Hanna may form there if it does not form from the area behind Gonzo. Where is Hanna??

I keep wondering is the cold front the lady and Gonzo the tramp?

Keep watching Mike's site

Find your city... pay attention to today's weather if you are in the path of that storm. Oh..and I don't think everyone gets the VS ads.. I shop a lot there... awesome site and I am so proud to be part of Mike's Page.

Remember when I gave the keynote speech at the Mariposa Cat Adjusters Conference in New Orleans?


Met a lot of people who know their stuff who have worked many a hurricane, tornado, hail storm and more... they do awesome, fast work helping put the lives back together of those who were caught up in the drama of Mother Nature on the rampage. They will be busy this week and next. I learned a lot from meeting and speaking with so many knowledgeable, professional people who are the tops in their field. Very grateful for the opportunity and the good times we had discussing life in a beautiful setting. Grateful to be able to see severe weather through the eyes of people who help clean up after it vs forecasting for it. Both sides of the same coin...

So... stay on top of the weather today and check back later. Check in often. @bobbistorm on Twitter.

Besos Bobbi..

Ps... I'll update later today with more information or as needed. I may add updates at the top of this post as the information in this post is important and needs to be digested. Never under estimate October Hurricanes or October Severe Weather. It's the interplay between the deep tropical HEAT.. moisture feed slamming up into diving down cold, frigid air and when they collide it's just as dangerous as a hurricane hitting your town. Straight line winds can and will do more damage sometimes over a larger swath of land than a random twister.


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