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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winter Storm Gemini: Twisters in the South, Ice in the North... Warm Days in the Carolinas

The 2 sides of Winter Storm Gemini...

I woke up this morning at 3 AM and the temperature in Raleigh, North Carolina was 72 degrees! Let me rephrase this... I woke up next to an open window and listened to the wind through the pines and smiled. I checked my phone and Accuweather confirmed what I already knew...that the weather forecast was blown and we were several degrees warmer than expected.

The high yesterday was 74 degrees and at 3 AM we had only dropped to 2 degrees. Obviously, we are flirting with the 80s this morning and it's a given that we will break the record high again today.

I like it. It's an illusion and I know we will pay for this sweet, balmy illusion in a few days, but as I sit here in the kitchen barefoot with the windows open and the heat off... I'm loving every warm moment of it.

The weather radio is on:

"warm and moist southerly flow around the Bermuda High pressure will continue tonight ahead of a moisture laden cold front that will cross the region Monday" "Tuesday, much colder"

I know this is an illusion, but I'm loving it. I'm sure December is too late to be Indian Summer...right?

Winter Storm Gemini is living up to it's name of being a dual system with warm weather on one side of it and freezing, cold weather on the other side. There have been reports of ice storms and twisters all from the same system.

I have kids who drove through the night to get to Minneapolis ahead of the storm.

It's feels like 4 degrees in St. Paul.

It feels like summer here in Raleigh. Picking out my clothes for the day and they include short sleeve tee shirts and sandals :)

So why am I sitting here typing at 5 AM pretending it's not winter?

See the flow around the Bermuda High?

The air is flowing up from the SW "ahead" of the strong cold front. Instead of air flowing down from Canada I am enjoying air that is flowing up across the Florida Panhandle, across Georgia and into the Carolinas. That's going to end badly for someone trust me.....

Violent Spring like weather will be the end result of this incredibly sweet southerly flow..."ahead of a moisture laden cold front" and the threat of strong thunderstorms in the forecast for many parts of this area.

We have here what is called an "Imbalance of Power"

Highs to the East... Lows to the West..

And, I'm wondering if we have thunderstorms in winter...doesn't that mean snow in 10 days?

Gemini is the sign of twins, but they are not identical twins in this case. Warm here, cold there.

And, I can hear the wind blowing... the air moving...

Venus has gone retrograde in Capricorn...what that means.. I have no idea with regard to the weather, but did think it was worth mentioning.

The Winter Solstice came through my house yesterday quietly...

I stayed home. I rested. I read. I enjoyed the warm weather on the deck. I wore a thin tee shirt and a long very thin skirt and relaxed. I stared at the sunshine. I read various magazines. I prayed. I ate. I smiled. A good day...

The sun went into my home sign of Capricorn. I like the sun in Capricorn.. it's a placement I understand.

And, today... when the sun rises in a few hours I'm going to go out and pretend I'm really not up north in the Caorlinas in winter. Maybe I'm just outside Savannah at Kroger stocking up for Tybee Island or about to take a walk up Simonton Street in Key West to Faustos. Maybe I'm going to enjoy myself here in Raleigh and worry on winter later. We Southern girls do that you know... we live in the moment and enjoy it immensely. I can worry about tomorrow ...tomorrow...

Storm chasers are out chasing...

Finally back to an covered Norman, OK after one hell of a storm chasing grind.

TVN less controversy.. more WEATHER :)

Tornado northeast of Ruston, Louisiana December 21, 2013!
Great views in real time of a chase in Louisiana yesterday of a Twister...

A lot of storm chasing going on with Gemini on both sides of it...

As for me I'm going to go shopping... hey a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. Shop, watch football and pray..and dance... Carolina Panthers play at 1 do the Dolphins. I'm sort of in a Gemini mood myself... split loyalties right now. Hmnnnn...

Enjoy it... won't last forever... winter will be back with a vengeance...

If you're on the cold side of Gemini...bundle up. If you are on the wicked weather side hunker down and take pictures!! If you are on my side... pretend it's summer even if for only one day...

Besos Bobbi

"like a postcard out of nowhere you get to me..."  ;)


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