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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Atmospheric Acrobatics ... Freezing Rain... Freezing Toes....Day After Christmas

Freezing rain is one of those things that is hard to understand ....from my perspective.
I've lived up north when I was young... when it was 32 degrees & precipitation fell from the sky... snowed.

Not here in NC where we live on the borderline often of weather systems clashing.

Weather you see is atmospheric and the many layers of the atmosphere are like an onion.. take one layer away and there is another and then another.

So the warm rain moves in fast from the South and falls on a cold surface which makes the rain freeze.
And as it happened at sunrise the temperature climbs and there will only be a slight grazing on 
"elevated roadways and bridges"

which means the 440 is at a complete standstill going west from all the cars that slipped & slided this morning

It's hard for a Miami girl who thinks differently to wrap her head around why it doesn't just snow...

Then there is "wintry mix" 
which basically means to paraphrase an old jingle.. 
"sometimes it starts to snow, sometimes it's ice"

In Miami when there is precipitation on the radar it usually means "locally heavy rain"
In Raleigh the rain or snow can show up on the radar and be a ghost like apparition 
that does not make it down to the surface..
(there is a meteorological term for this but the coffee hasn't soaked in and I'll have to edit it in later...)

Stephanie Abrams, who obviously is a meat eater, likes to explain this as:
The layers on a cheeseburger.. 
surprisingly she didn't compare it to SEC football.

Seems the atmosphere is indeed a tricky thing.

I'm typing in the middle the way..cause I want to.
The weather can do whatever it wants here.. so can I.

Last weekend it was almost 80 degrees. It was so warm I could run around in sandals and tee shirts.
No coats. No sweaters. No dreaded layers. No boots. No leggings. No jeans.

Now it's back in the 20s at night and I'm feeling kinda blue.
Blue as is my toes are cold.
Popsicle toes... taken to wearing leg warmers like when I dance...

Hate that... want to go to the Mall...
Teavana is having a sale.. and Barnes & Noble 
Maybe I'll stay home... maybe I'll go... 

Maharaja Chai Tea Candle

Who knows what will happen next?

The atmosphere always brings such surprises.

As always waiting to see what Mother Nature and her partner in crime the "Atmosphere"
has to throw at me this winter... 


I'll simply fly away to Miami :)

Besos Bobbi

As always I'm watching the weather... 
and hoping your Christmas was Joyful
as life should be every day of the year... 

Keep the spirit going on... as we move towards 2014!


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