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Monday, November 25, 2013

Winter Storm Boreas - A Thanksgiving Travel Nightmare...

There was a post on Facebook from Greg Forbes about his appearance on air this evening concerning the much hyped Thanksgiving Storm Boreas.

My next on-air appearance (and last for the evening) on The Weather Channel will be at 10PM EST. The weather seems to be pretty much on schedule, with the warm front just offshore of the southeast tip of LA. Once it comes onshore late tonight or Tue AM in coastal AL and MS, the western FL panhandle, and possibly the southeast tip of LA the chance of a few (probably brief) tornadoes will begin. A warm front also will move onshore in southeast GA and the Carolinas tomorrow with a chance of a tornado there.

So I watched Dr. Greg Forbes on TWC and found out what I already knew... 

the storm that is winding up in the Gulf of Mexico will make a run up Appalachians missing the Piedmont of Carolina. The Appalachian Trail is going to be a mess to hike and if you are driving in the South East tomorrow.... good luck. No snow in RDU Land. 

I'm tired and not ready for Prime Time just yet after my mother's passing last week, but I wanted to post a bit on this early winter, storm system. Shiva is over and I'm slowly moving on with life; slower than winter which is coming on like a lion this November.

I did think it's interesting that the storm is winding up in the Gulf of Mexico and it goes from tropical regions to a Winter Storm bringing with it Ice to some parts of the country. A bit of a wintry mix here and there.

Greg Forbes talked about serious weather in the "Down East" part of the Carolinas....and across Northern Florida. That region I love from Jax to Myrtle Beach are all under the gun.

Look at all that blue tonight on the national radar.

Touches of pink mixing in at higher elevations.  The Gulf of Mexico is getting lots of action going into winter. Go figure.

More tomorrow.  I went from 81 degrees in Miami to 18 degrees in Raleigh this morning. Hmnnn. A temperature sort of whiplash.

Looks like a winter storm to me:

Here's a loop of the next 7 days.
Worth noting that this morning Bing Weather and TWC had a difference of 10 degrees in temperature for my area. Seems a lack of confidence in the exact degrees this system will feature as well as any possible winter precept in any specific area. 

What is for sure is it's going to be a real mess for travelers in some parts of the country. Flights are packed and people on cancelled flights still need to be put back on planes... not easy. I had originally wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving in Iowa with my son and his family and beginning Chanukah. For many reasons I could not commit as my mother was doing worse and my daughter lives in NC and I wasn't sure where I was going to be. Now I know... NC. But, I really hope to get out to Iowa later this winter to spend time with my kids there. 
Stay tuned... more tomorrow... 

Besos Bobbi


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