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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Boreas... Partially Born in the Tropics. Travel Links.

Wow, you couldn't get that much action going in the Gulf during the Hurricane Season. Look at that nice big reddish-orange blob in the GOM. The funny part about this "Winter Storm" is that although it is all about "winter weather" the force for that wintry punch is from the tropical moisture in the Gulf of Mexico. Without that tropical energy this would be just another cold, dry front sliding across the country.

Life is an odd mix of opposite energies coming together to form a new entity unique in it's own way. In the same way as Hydrogen mixes with Oxygen to get water... so does tropical moisture in the Gulf slamming into an Eastbound Cold Front creates "Boreas" and winter misery for travelers going over the river and through the woods...

Without that pretty aqua circle down in the Gulf feeding into the L just south of Texas there would be no travel mess this holiday season.

Watch the moisture feed up into the system as it winds up into a real, live bona fide storm more than just hype on TWC.

If you are traveling on the highway system you can try to check out the Interstate you are most concerned with. For example I95:

It's worth muting the computer to ignore their advertisements to get a fast look at your local highway to grandma's house.

Flight delay information from the FAA is shown here:

Atlanta by the way is currently in RED...

Check back later for more info later as this situation evolves in real time. always I'd like to see a few flakes, but I think I'll have to wait a little longer in Raleigh.

Besos Bobbi


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