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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Waiting For Snow . . .

This loop updates in real time so if you are watching it in the summer of 2013 and there is a tropical cyclone on it... you may wonder what I am talking about .. but in ways even then I will be waiting for SNOW. Private joke here... it's March and far from the Hurricane Season and I can  make a private joke.  I can't seem to make it snow though in Raleigh.

I'm sitting by the window, the temperature is dropping, the wind is picking up... it's dark for 7:30 in the morning and snow is so close I can almost taste it ...but I'd have to drive to Hillsborough to see flakes falling. Durham maybe is getting a few flakes.

I think Samuel Beckett must have taken a trip to America and spent time here when he wrote that famous play of his that no one seems to be sure what it really means. I think ... it was a play on words. He was waiting for snow in Paris to fall...scribbling in the margins "waiting for snow" and suddenly he thought "VOILA!! Let's call the friend waiting for Godot! A friend who never shows up yet you wait for ever every day for him to come as if he is an intricate part of your life."

There is a Jungian interpretation and a Freudian Interpretation and existential, ethical and a Christian interpretation on Wikipedia. Why not give it a meteorological interpretation. I mean they are not sitting on South Beach of the beach in Cannes amid life...they are sitting on a bleak wintry looking stage under a barren tree...waiting for snow... that never comes...while discussing their life... a lot like I am here. And, maybe somewhere Godot is watching from a far and smiling.

This is my world:

That pink up there is now a Valentines Day present from Victoria Secrets... 

so close and yet so far... 

This is your world:

See how the snow stops around what should be the Mason Dixie Line..
Highway 62 haha (private Raleigh joke) or NC/VA border.
I know.. I know Virginia is Southern... really... 
No my dear Virginia .. Maryland and Virginia are Colonial.
There IS a difference ...but I digress...

This OUR World:

Beautiful isn't it?

I have a daughter Dina who is very brilliant. An out of the box thinker who uses all forms of knowledge to piece together puzzles. She knows things... she takes risks...she tries new things... she thinks...she paints...she draws...   she draws conclusions about things that she barely knows and she is right.


She asked me last night if part of Global Warming isn't what "they" think or say but more a redistribution of the weather around the world, patterns changing and then changing back so to speak vs some grand Sci Fi drama of imminent change that will last forever. Yes, patterns are always changing. Currently those patterns have a good publicist but they are always changing. When there is a drought on one side of the world...there is a flood somewhere else. When Russia steals our winter, it gives it back to us in March. What is eternal ? God. Love. Creativity.  One big storm on the face of the sun or a volcano blasting ash into the atmosphere and voila... no snow in Oklahoma or Montserrat misses a hurricane. In Hawaii hurricanes hardly ever happen... but on rare occasions they do when the pattern is just right.

I do worry on Climate Change. I worry on fracking and chemtrails. One makes earthquakes..which cannot be good and the other makes hail and storms it seems. Seems...because they don't tell us why or what they are doing. They stone wall it. Or as the scene in "What's Up Doc?" goes when the judge explains what all the pills are for and then points to one colored pill and he says "they won't tell me what that one is for..."   Love that movie.

She is right. And, the end is often found in the beginning. 

So...this is my street today:

Pear blossoms on the tree the color of snow and the scent of snow in the air and snow there. 

I'm not convinced I didn't see a flake fly by earlier.. one, like an elusive stalker in disguise as a jogger running by. The cat beneath the window looking furtively for a mouse. The Carolina wren waiting quietly on the branch of the dogwood tree for the big, fat cardinal to leave so he can get to the bird feeder.

We are always waiting in life. This morning I am just embracing what is and enjoying the moment. 

I'm also waiting for the dogwood to blossom. While dating my husband, it was the dogwood I fell in love with ;)  Hovering like a painting on the edge of the deck looking more beautiful than anything I had ever seen in my life until I saw the big saucer, white Magnolia blossoms. 

Funny how Passover works. The Hebrew calendar is so odd that some years it's cold, other years its 80 degrees and am sure once it has even snowed here briefly in the sky as the flakes melted on impact during Pesach. Okay, not sure on that but over the length of climatology and am sure it happened. Some years the Pollen bursts and keeps us in doors, other years we eat on the deck. Some years the dogwood is almost over and I pray it stays long enough for my daughter-in-law to see it and other years I pray for it to open in time for Passover. I've been told North Carolina weather is bi-polar. Explains a lot.

An astrologer friend of mine who loves weather pointed out that "Winter Storm Saturn" is moving across the land while the Moon is in Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn bringing cold, winter weather to the Washington and the East Coast. Poetically, astrologically perfect she said. Yup, that's what she said. So, I figured I'd repeat it if there are any astrology minded meteorologists out there this morning who want to laugh at the irony.

WRAL went poetic today:

A massive winter storm system slogging through the Mid-Atlantic states will help generate spotty showers, cold temperatures and gusty conditions in the Triangle Wednesday, but central and eastern North Carolina will likely avoid the wintry precipitation that could end up shutting down the nation's capital late in the day.

And.....................ITS SNOWING...small little flakes coming straight and there... a "mix" my Yankee husband says. He grew up in upstate New York. He knows how snow smells... he can always tell....

Gotta go...

Besos Bobbi :)



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