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Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Scream or a Season in March Madness...

There are so many things about nature that annoy a person. It's a love slash hate relationship always.

The noise of the birds early in the morning in the Spring is beyond annoying. There is chirping.... and there is chirping. They have this high pitched restless sound... a tad competitive as if they are seeing who can warble louder. Or maybe they are pissed off that some human decided to switch the clock and suddenly there are men and women about in their little metal vehicles upsetting their pre-sunrise concerto.

I wish they would shut up.

I like a sunrise over the water in the morning with gulls silently soaring about, not loud baby birds that sound like they just hit their terrible twos.

You'll have to forgive me this morning. It's early, I'm up and the football season and the HURRICANE SEASON is far away into the future and an almost violet colored sunrise is casting it's Neptunium shadow across my soul.

(you thought I was making this up?)

There are currently seven planets (or celestial objects) in Pisces conjunct my Moon and my Mars. It's a new moon today and in Hebrew it's a new moon tomorrow. That means today I can play, tomorrow is two weeks until Pesach aka Passover and things get ramped up in my world really fast.

Solar System by google pictures
"Pisces stellium:     
        With 7 planetary energies in Pisces we might find ourselves tuning out what's going on in the world and tuning into what's going on inside us.   That's the proper way to show respect for these cosmic energies.   If you do turn within, you'll probably find yourself having weird and interesting dreams, discovering some valuable and even brilliant insights and being filled with grace.  "

For now I am Pinteresting through pictures of Pavlovian Berry desserts and wondering if Pinteresting is a legal verb or not yet.

I am not making this up... my daughter-in-law in Miami who is an all around wonder in that she is beyond beautiful, inside and out, smart and sexy and has this amazing ability to study deep things about government and make desserts that you would only see grace the cover of Southern Living. 

I think I might try Pavlova for Passover this year.  What a fun idea! A meringue based cake with no flour.  If you adhere to the rule of excluding corn products for Passover, you can substitute the cornstarch with potato starch, arrowroot, or tapioca.  Those are common gluten free ingredients.

Pavlova. First made for the dancer Anna Pavlova while visiting Australia back in the Roaring 20s. Oddly I learned that while making a Chabad Cookbook in California with Miriam back in the 1980s. Several of the women who were from Australia used to make it as a special treat for the holidays. I've lost my mock up of the cookbook and hoping I will find it while cleaning for Passover.

I know, I am digressing. This is "off season" for me so if you are here... sit a spell, relax and listen up.

So far so good... no emergency phone calls today from Miami where my Southern Gothic Jewish Mother has taken to calling the police when she is upset with her children or grandchildren and the parade of care givers who come and take care of her when she is left alone too long. Mind you she can walk around the apartment, has a "silly string" around her neck called "life alert" and her granddaughter Shayna living in the next bedroom... neighbors up and down the hall but in true Tennessee Williams style she only wants my brother Ronnie to wait on her hand and foot and gets down right pissy when she decides he isn't there. So... she calls the police because the police are there to help her when she has a problem or is in danger. Obviously, "danger" does not mean "danger, danger Will Robinson" it means "call my kids and tell them I shouldn't be alone."  Unfortunately, she does not want to be together in a nursing home with a roommate either. And she is really not alone... she's just annoyed she didn't get to go out somewhere or other and honestly she just wants my baby brother Ronnie or attention.  And, she gets attention when she does the "I'm going to call the Police if you stay out too late" as someone runs over, sits with her and has tea and when Shayna or Ronnie get back all frustrated and worried on her calling the police she looks like Kate Hepburn in Suddenly Last Summer having tea with some sweet stranger and conjures up her best Blanch Du Bois voice and says, "She came to visit with me a little, she's so sweet"

It is so true, you are sometimes damned if you do and damned if you don't. My father used to say "do the best you can, that's all you can do."

Trying to help keep her where she is happy and wants to be... but after a life of everyone indulging her we are suddenly paying the price for that as there is no easy answer to old age. She is not senile, she's incredibly smart and good at getting her way.

What is amazing about Tennessee Williams is that he conjured up the oldest trick in the book with regard to drama... Deus es Machina and brought his controlling mother down onto the stage much like Deus coming down to try and solve or control the play. 

Lowered onto the stage... pulling the strings, hovering above the ground... at the end of the play.

Sort of like the Hermit Card in Tarot, but not really.

"Deus ex Machina- Literally "God From Machine" was a spectale device that would "fly" an actor portraying a God in and out of the playing area in Greek Theatre.

Tennessee was a genius and that is why he chose to live in Key West. Yes, you knew this would come back again to Key West, didn't you now?

Great scene, except that really mothers don't run up stairs like that carrying babies unless they are weight trainers and a little but crazy.. but then all of Tennessee William's characters are a little crazy taken from real life people he knew. (the famous scene and no I don't mean EDTV...)

The man knew how to live...

Love that house on Duncan Street.

As for the weather..............Storm Saturn is now out in the Ocean tapping into moisture and still spinning... crazy but true.

I really wish it would stop snowing as my kids are driving in from Iowa for Passover.

The sun has risen... the birds have mostly shut up.

TWC is trying to sell us Storm Triton as I type this and the cardinals are meeting in Rome this week to vote on a new Pope.

We are a world in transition it seems.

Winter is receding back to north of the Mason Dixie Line ...

I know the Hurricane Season is not as far away as it feels, because one of my weather friends ended his weekly weather discussion saying he thinks the hurricane season will begin early this year and be a threat to Florida...    

We are all like that... waiting for the real season to begin...

Not the season that takes over Carolina this time of year... March Madness or a Season in Hell as some of us like to call it...

Those are not Roman gladiators nor is it a modern day version of Edward Munich's masterpiece. It's a Duke fan with dreams of beating UNC.

Hand-painted Oil Reproduction of Edvard Munch's <i>The Scream</i>.

Yes, there are patterns everywhere and I see them. I didn't get awards in the study of International Relations for linkage just cause I looked cute in my high platforms...

And, that's my world this morning. Winter is slowing giving way to Spring. The dogwoods are days from pretending to open, the Pear Blossoms are already white and clustered on bare branches and that Japanese tree that is an early bloomer is blooming in Raleigh.

A mix of clouds and sun during the day with intermittent chemtrails is the weather this morning. I may or may not start Weight Watchers again as they have a special. I may or may not walk a mile for exercise but I have exercised my mind this morning online here.

It's been a year since my son Levi married the beautiful Lauren and it blows me away how time flies and how beautiful it's been this past year.

(Note the Miami Dolphin Yarmulka) ... so Miami this wedding compared to the others which were equally beautiful, but different.

Going to take a shower and not worry on North Korea or South Korea or the cardinals in Rome or whether ot not the weather will turn warm enough for the azaleas to open for Passover. 

So, I'm going to dedicate this post to the Dream Team... my daughter Shayna and my brother Ronnie doing their best to make Bubby's life as easy as it can be... while talking over life whether it's at the beach or an art show or shooting pool and venting a bit or talking on the phone to me for hours while we try to do the best we can as my father would want.

Besos Bobbi

Ps Happy Birthday Rob, belated but still my best wishes...where ever you are ...


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