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Friday, January 25, 2013

School Bus Wreck in Raleigh on Icy Streets... Kids on the Bus...

Total stupidity... I said it the other day, I'm saying it again. There is no reason that they could not have cancelled school today in Raleigh. A "half day" or calling school long enough for fiscal budget reasons rather than just cancel Friday.

The bus is from an school, North Ridge Elementary, and has elementary school children on the bus.. in the cold...

Just stupid.

The snow and ice came early to the Triangle today, before noon it started to sleet, rain and snow and the roads quickly became icy and hard to drive on. Add to that some freezing rain a little while later.

I said it yesterday.... KEEP THE KIDS HOME... everyone gets nuts running around panicky worrying about traffic jams and icy roads and accidents happen.

That's a large swatch of ICE moving East into the Piedmont... RDU... and areas to the south and the east.

Stay tuned... listening to the musical, lyrical sound of ice pellets falling on the table on the deck.. the glass frozen table.

Now they are talking on possible power outages... depending on how much ice we get...

Stay tuned...

Love the weather... the problems are not because of the weather...they are because of stupidity by government officials and people who are afraid to just listen to their inner gut and stay home for the day and who refuse to believe the worst can happen.

It's not about being given warnings vs in 2005 there were no warnings.  Warnings do not help if people refuse to believe it can happen and they don't respect the power of Mother Nature..

More later.... 

I cooked early so I could stay on top of events this afternoon...

Traffic Cam:

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