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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DRACO... Winter Storm Moves East.. ... White Christmas..The Movie..


It's snowing somewhere... even if not here...

DRACO is moving East and bringing wintry weather with it to areas who have not yet seen winter this year. Iowa is going to be covered in snow.

Travel will be affected. There will be travel delays.

Already Southwest Air has posted Travel Advisories for multiple airports.


If you are a kid you are thrilled. If you are a parent you are uttering long sighs and muffling curse words under your breath as Winter is making a statement and there will be more named storms down the road after DRACO takes off for Pittsburgh and West Virginia.

If you are down in the white territory... you are NOT having a White Christmas. Sorry Charlie Brown.

This is as close as I get to a white Christmas... 

Yup, if this post is disjointed it's because I am watching this movie on an old TV even though I own a copy and it's probably downloaded somewhere here. I feel younger, like a little girl watching the Wizard of OZ once a year or watching it with my best friend at 16 and trying to learn the dance steps and write down the words to Sisters... the way we did back when you couldn't stop and start the video.  Can you believe a boy taped the words on an old tape recorder at 2am on Channel 6 in Miami and then sat stopping and starting it to get the exact words for us... Thank you Joe. Christmas is going to be as warm as Vermont was before it snowed magically in the movie. Unless there is a Christmas miracle for a Jewish girl who is still waiting for her Chanukah present. 

God I love this movie..................................

Back to the weather............... (but this movie is about the weather... because... without snow you can't get people to go to Vermont to go skiing... you know???)

So as this system slices across the country it is creating severe weather tonight and there is possible rotation in Missouri. No..I do not mean Vera Ellen spinning while doing a tap dance..

It's a slim line but it's a strong one... as the warm, warm air below meets the cold, cold air rushing in as nature hates a vacuum. 

So.... there goes DRACO.

The press is all over it.

Then again the Russia press is covering the coldest winter they have had in decades.

If there is a tornado... Reed is on it!

Watch the weather warning he has posted below:

This is what you will see... he has people on the ground in Omaha dealing with Thundersnow!
Watch... it's good... if you like weather and if you don't like weather...why are you here on my blog?

As for me... I'm in White Christmas heaven as they are playing it over and over :)

DRACO moving East. Stay on top of it if it's moving your way?

And.... I have a question here? NASA has released a set of answers to questions people have been calling them concerning the possible end of the world in less than 2 days. My question is... WHY WOULD ANYONE CALL NASA??

I mean if you thought the world was going to end...who would you really call?? 

NASA?? I mean... I love them ..but they lied to us about two space shuttle crashes saying that the crew was vaporized and didn't suffer ..twice... until we found out they weren't vaporized... 

I do love NASA but... call them? And, where do you find the NASA Hotline I wonder?

If it was weather involved I'm sure I'd call Bryan Norcross... 

The Pope? He's online now you know...

The White House?

Drudge... imagine if we flood his request box with questions he'd answer them somehow.. find a phone booth to jump into and fly off to save the world maybe.. 

Come on...who is calling NASA? I want to know... 

If you want to go to their website.... there are a list of answers to questions you never thought to ask:

And....there you have it.

That's my take on Draco... White Christmas (the movie.... teaches you history, weather and romance) and ............................ my birthday's coming so maybe I can wish for snow on my birthday if it's not happening sooner... later rather than sooner??

Some great links on so go play on the weather playground and I'm going to go watch Danny Kaye dance with Vera Ellen and pretend I am fifteen again if just for another hour or two. 

Sweet White Christmas Dreams,


Ps if you'd rather listen to Jimmy Buffett.. enjoy

I have that somewhere ... a gift from "stalker friend" back when he was sending me cassettes before we moved forward to CDs...  scary if you think on it too much... but I don't think on it too much. Linda told me not to think too much when not in her that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!! 

Christmas Island

(why does Jimmy look like Bing and why is he sitting in a big sushi boat? hmmmmnnnn)


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