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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cold Weather Makes a Comeback

Nice image above...shows where the snow and rain is ...however the picture below shows where the frontal boundary is and where the temperature divide is...

A picture you could understand from up somewhere in the Space Station without a map key... 

Winter is slicing it's way down across the US and making it's way down the Florida Peninsular. 

The wind shifted last night while I was in Best Buy. No not buying anything :( just paying the bill :( and came outside and whoosh the wind was in my face and my sweater that was tied around my waist was suddenly being put on the way it was meant to be worn. Wow... did it get windy fast. 

And, cold air is filtering down, down... across the South.  This blast is more a West Coast front than a strongly Canadian front which is also on it's way down the road.

And, snow is on the way in Ames, Iowa and not just one snowfall but two in the next ten days.

When snow is on the way twice in ten days you can say winter will make it's appearance with a certainty that the Mayan Calendar cannot be prove and there is no way the world is going to end before I see snow if I have anything to do with it...........

December 25th, 26th and 27th... snow showers fall on Iowa.

Even here in Raleigh there is a bit of a hint of a colder forecast than the NWS wants to go with as they have put the possibility of snow in the forecast for December 26th yet they have the temperature in the 43 to 49 degree range.........  I doubt that is a mistake as much as a window of uncertainty that exists between the two model players that are forecasting this storm differently (big surprise) and we are watching the GFS and we are watching the European closely down the road.

Down the short road "DRACO" makes his appearance onto the scene as TWC has taken a stand and pronounced this a snow making storm worthy enough of a name... of Fame... 

I'd rather talk about weather storms that go down in history than mass murderers.. again I love weather for a reason.. and yet weather does kill... and yet... again you get a forecast, a heads up... 

Am giving y'all a heads up... Draco is on the weather board at TWC... 

Enjoy the song below... from a time before there were school mass shootings... although there were some mass shootings they were not the kind we think of when we say Columbine or Virginia Tech or Newtown. <--- happy="happy" p="p" song...="song...">

Perhaps TWC should have called that other storm Bruno not Brutus.. just saying..

Besos Bobbi


It's a cold rainy day in Newtown for today's burials. 


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