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Friday, June 29, 2012

Tropical Update Friday ... TGIF :)

TC Activity

Okay, simplistically said here.. not much going on...

There is an area of moderate to strong convection in the Western Gulf of Mexico that pulses up and down and needs to be watched. It most likely is nothing more than rain that will move west towards the coast of Tex/Mex but you never know.

There is an old frontal boundary draped across the Florida Straits which to me needs watching as any passing impulse (like a wave) could make it a suspect area for future development. That models support any sort of development and the high seems strongly in place.

Further out in the Atlantic there are two waves moving through an area known as Cousin Sal.. African Dust particles which make tropical development difficult. I guess we should  nominate Cousin Sal for a medal as when he works his magic mojo it's hard for waves to rock and roll vs slowly oozing west holding on for dear life   So far the wave that has a yellow circle and a 10% chance is a real fighter, hanging in there with another small wave behind it.  Cousin Sal is of course the arch enemy of real hurricane fanatics who wait all year for one or two good Cape Verde Storms to develop............ You know how relatives are... it's all a matter of perspective and relative so to speak.

Hot and dry in the Carolinas down through Atlanta. Not that hot this morning, but tomorrow morning should feel more tropical. Let's see how hot it gets, but the record to beat in Raleigh is from 1945.

I think 1945 is a doable analog year for this year so it's something to keep in mind.

Otherwise, have a nice weekend... enjoy it...stay cool and I'll update this if anything changes. But, imagine at this point the Yellow Circle known as Debby is gonna keep moving out to sea and the Yellow Circle known as The Wave is gonna keep getting closer to the Islands. Can't see it going orange just yet and amazed it's still there.

The NWS out of San Juan says the following on the wave: " A TROPICAL WAVE WILL MOVE ACROSS THE ERN CARIB SEA MON."

Besos Bobbi

File:1945 Atlantic hurricane season map.png


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