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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tropical Storm Alberto Update... reality check ;)

Well, it's still there this morning.... though a lot of other things out there that need discussing... but for now Alberto is on the clock...

A good link with info in the vicinity of the storm is shown below.

Alberto is a small, compact, little storm and I wonder if it will be downgraded in post season analysis or kept for the historical record. Most likely, it will miss land and go out to sea. I'm not sure it won't fall apart and move closer to or on shore...however if so it will mostly be a rainy day at the beach if that were to happen. Keep watching... interesting little blow up, sort of a pre-release publicity for the hurricane season.

Any storm, no matter how small is always worth paying attention to especially when it is this close to the coast. The Tropical Storm watch remains for parts of the Carolinas. If you are at the beach today, enjoy the breeze. I"m tempted to go ...just not sure which beach to go to ... for the best breeze and taste of the tropics. Of course, I'll be on South Beach in 24 hours or less so... that's my favorite taste of the tropics..that and Key West. If I wasn't south bound I'd be headed to Myrtle Beach today.. lots to do, a really nice kosher restaurant and a great place to kick back and relax and shop til you drop at Victorias Secrets at Broadway on the Beach..... or whatever it's called.  <---  (i know, good link)

Good link that shows the actual storm info... it is a Tropical Storm. It just has a very weak satellite presentation.

Elsewhere in the tropics...............

I'll take that area off the coast of Central America... and the old frontal boundary and ...
WOW look at that low wave coming off of Africa.

Gonna be an early and busy season in both the Atlantic and Pacific.

That sweet little sky blue circle off of South Carolina is Alberto...

Keep watching... will try to update from the road if there is something to say...

Besos Bobbi

Ps...   Game on...


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