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Thursday, December 22, 2011

No Snow For Christmas? Blame it on Kids Asking Santa for an iPad

Used to be, little kids scampered up Santa's lap at the Mall to whisper in his ear to ask him to make it snow on Christmas. Not anymore, this year the most asked for present was not to build a snowman or have a snow fight Christmas morning, but to wake up to an ipad...or an iTouch. Who needs snow when you can go on your iPad and pretend/play with snow games?

Yup, the kids have gone cyber and they no longer want or need the joy of a White Christmas. Seems all those kids standing in line are asking Santa for an iPad.

If you want the real white stuff and it's not forecast in your 4/5ths of the country it might be a long drive to satisfy your appetite for the cold white stuff.

Some links out there that confirm my analysis of the problem:

And, by the way...this cannot just be blamed on Christmas, Chanukah bares part of the blame here too as somewhere in those 8 presents this year kids will get many will be i related.

Chanukah apps abound...

You want to play dreidel? Enjoy...

So...if you want snow this holiday season and you don't live in Colorado or New England you might want to turn the lights down, light a fire, take out your iPad and play make believe snowfall or pretend you in Pantagonia enjoying snow ;)

Hey...anyone wants to give me an iPad this holiday season you know where I live ;)

What a world we live in, who would think that I would want the same thing as an 8 year old?


Happy Holidays. May you find everything you want to buy for others ... be a Layaway Angel or donate to a toy bank for children whose parents can't afford to buy them toys let alone iPads and I hope you are surrounded by love from the people you love the most. And, if you can't be home for Christmas... hope you have an iPad or Tablet to talk to the one you love the most.

Besos Bobbi

Ps... I really wanted snow :(

Enjoy some music, sure you can download it on itunes...


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