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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tropical Depression Soon to Be TS Ophelia Forming in the Atlantic

Time to wake up and shake off those tropical meteorological blues and start paying attention to the Tropics again. The Atlantic Tropics vs staring wistfully at Typhoon Roke on it's way to Japan.

A system is forming that could become a big Hurricane that could affect the Carib or take a more similar Atlantic track. If it were to get into the Caribbean it would be making landfall and not moving off towards Newfoundland. And, if it were to get into the Carib it would more than likely become a strong hurricane down the road as this part of the season favors storms intensifying in the very warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Time will tell on the track but the writing is on the wall regarding an upgrade to a named system. We are currently at 70%, but this system looks way better than 70% It has a designated, easy to find center and nice, beautiful, long arms that wrap back into the center like a ballet dancer getting ready to spin.

My oh my Ophelia. Nicest system I've seen in a while as far as structure goes. Who knew that out of all those orange and yellow blobs in the Atlantic there was a beautiful swan coming to life?

Keep watching and wondering what she will next. I'm guessing they will upgrade her based on satellite imagery and model support and wait for recon to give her a name.

Animate this loop to the sounds of this classic song which always stays in my mind because....well... because I have a good memory for songs ;)

And, note... just like this song, some storms go slow as they move across the Atlantic and then once they get rollin....they get intense in the Caribbean. Well, if she makes it into the Caribbean. Enjoy the music and the memories. <-- loop <--- listen

Stay tuned...

Besos Bobbi


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