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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Southbound Cold Front...Maria Becomes a Hurricane & Quakes in Cuba & FIJI Region

It's been a busy day in the world of weather weenies. Okay, I hate that phrase. Always have but feel sort of irreverent today and silly so going to go with it. Hey, it sold a lot of advertisers on TWC so they must know something.

Personally, I'd like to call us Earth Science Junkies. How's that for a new term? Cantore will probably steal it and use it at TWC, but am used to that...

Meteorology and Geology go together like a horse and carriage, Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly and love and marriage. Oceanography is a horse of a different color that both parties accept like Stephen and Pine Trees and yes that makes sense if you have the code book, which I do.

So, when there is nothing exciting to track in September in the tropics Earth Science Junkies turn their heads towards the heaven and start watching Space Weather and obsessing on whether or not weather and earthquakes are being manipulated by Weather Modification. Honest, really they do. This is actually not such a bad thing as Tropical Weather Fanatics have been known to eat their young when there is no storm to track in September so in the interest of peace on earth and good will to man worrying over HAARP and other things that go bump in the Terrestrial Night is productive and better for everyone's mental health.

I woke up to a message on my phone. 6.0 in Cuba. I'd have rather woken up to a message that Fidel has really left the planet and is on his way to wherever dictators and murderers go... But, the earthquake message did shake me out of bed and get me up on the computer. The irony that I was tracking an Earthquake in Cuba on September 15th rather than a Major Hurricane going WNW into the island did hit me.

Do I believe in Weather Modification? Sure I do. I would be stupid with all I know about past successful experiments and failed ones to believe it doesn't happen. China modifies the weather all the time and did so during the Olympics.

Here's an article from the LA Times, not exactly a second rate newspaper.

Yes Virginia, making rain fall from the sky for crops or trying to stop the rain from falling IS weather modification on it's simplest level. Some of the brightest and best tropical meteorologists of our time spent a lot of time in Africa learning from seeding clouds to make rain fall. Storm Fury is a project that studied and experimented on weather modification and received bad press for it unjustly I think. An amazing project and a shame that the public turned against during the era of "always having to CYA on everything" shut it down. Well, that and lack of funding but when the media turns against you and the government worries on the details the money stops flowing.

Understand if we don't study and experiment on things like this we will never learn what we need to know to try and change the weather for the good.

Then again, Lex Luthor usually used weather modification for the bad and well everything in life is a matter of free choice. You can be Clark Kent or you can be Lex Luthor... your choice.

Hey, don't laugh it's a better movie than that one where they made all those Category 6 Hurricanes and the sexy scientist and the nerdy one fought for the heart of a weather girl named I think Bonnie. Trying NOT to remember that one, never going to win any awards. The nerdy one survived, don't worry about it... he might have even won the girl. Trying NOT to remember......

So, have they moved on to earthquakes and studying how to make them happen or is that just paranoia and OCD worrying on the Earth and 2012? Hey some people are OCD hypochondriacs and others worry on Planet Earth and some I suppose worry on their health and the future of Planet Earth.

I mean it's true there is nothing new under the sky or in our imaginations.

Yup, some believe that the Atlanteans discovered the secrets of the universe and it went kaboom, down, down, down into the ocean. Atlantis was doomed to swim with the fishies and we are doomed to rely forever on foreign oil it seems.

I don't know. Can't say. But it does amaze me that if you go to Twitter and type in earthquakes the twitter feed does not stop with discussion by people on several continents on HAARP. Maybe it is the Holy Grail of Earth Science Junkies trying to prove that someone, somewhere is causing a whole lot of shake, rattle and rolling.

A bigger question for me is WHY so many really "good" waves that were well stacked vertically (with the exception of Emily) and had mild shear and strong water temperatures did not develop this year. Sort of odd, way too many coincidences to laugh it off though what would cause that I don't know. I've read discussion and I've seen them talking on TWC about just why what looked like perfectly good waves did not develop and even Bryan Norcross the Weather Guru of all Tropical Fanatics seems stumped.

Good question for post season analysis. Irene should have been stronger and even Maria should have developed more.

So, as I sit here waiting for "THE COLD FRONT" that is supposed to drop temperatures more than 20 degrees below normal in Carolina I am watching what seems to be a very quiet tropical Atlantic and a very busy geological day with Major Quakes in Cuba and the Fiji Region.

And, lastly I am trying to remember when the last time a quake was downgraded from 6.0 to 5.1? That is the biggest downgrade I ever remember. Usually it's a matter of degrees from 7.1 to 6.9. Nine degrees is a lot.

7.3 2011/09/15 19:31:03 -21.559 -179.369 626.1 FIJI REGION

4.9 2011/09/15 16:54:50 -54.075 -1.551 14.9 BOUVET

5.1 2011/09/15 16:08:33 -54.041 -1.971 16.3 BOUVET
5.1 2011/09/15 15:27:02 36.383 82.528 6.5 SO CHINA

5.5 2011/09/15 11:59:53 -14.848 -177.812 370.0 FIJI REGION

4.1 2011/09/15 11:02:14 49.573 -127.182 25.2 VANCOUVER
3.5 2011/09/15 09:56:42 33.633 -117.839 10.6 LA, CA
5.1 2011/09/15 08:43:07 19.563 -78.008 5.0 CUBA REGION
6.2 2011/09/15 08:00:07 36.289 141.308 10.0 HONSHU JAPAN
6.0 2011/09/15 07:53:12 -35.430 -177.878 13.4 EAST OF NZ

4.4 2011/09/15 03:44:04 21.627 143.005 294.0 MARIANA
4.5 2011/09/15 02:06:49 59.132 -138.121 7.3 SE ALASKA 4.1 2011/09/15 00:21:05 59.902 -151.823 53.7 KENAI ALASKA

That's a lot of quakes for one day and I took out all the 3s and 2s except for the one in LA.

A tropically bored poster on posted this yesterday and it opened the door for a lot of discussion. Hey, there's not much else to discuss.

There was the 6.0 Cuban Quake downgraded to 5.1 (which basically makes it not a major quake which seems inconsistent with how the system works but whatever...) and well perhaps it's a Triangular theory as the big quake today on the 188th day as forecast was back in the Fiji Region. Even if they got the place wrong, they did get the day right and that's sort of a big HMMMMNNN.

So, I'll leave the matter for you to all think on and think if it's possible that something is going on with Planet Earth other than birds doing it and bees doing it and even educated fleas do it, while electronic sheep sleep can someone be playing with Mother Nature?

Don't know but am sure if so we will read about it on The Drudge Report or at or Twitter ;)

Sweet Tropical Dreams

Bobbi Storm

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