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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Maria Heads North

In Motion:

Not much happening in the tropics other than Maria who is expected to pass safely to the west of Bermuda. She ironically looks better now than she has so far... go figure... This season has had a few storms that seemed to do better once they left the tropics and moved up into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

As for Katia, she's alive and kicking in Great Britain!

There is a beautiful wave coming off of Africa, but that doesn't mean it will get a name though it is getting second looks by tropical meteorologists who are thirsty to track a real tropical system.

Despite the high numbers and our advance to the letter M we really have had mostly a motley group of weak, willy nilly tropical storms. I believe Joe Bastardi used that phrase on Twitter the other day, but I do agree with him.

This season has been high on quantity and low on quality.

Maybe we are lucky, but I doubt our luck will run out as October gets closer.

South Florida gets hit more by storms in October that form down in the Caribbean that latch onto Cold Fronts that have moved deep down the State than any other time of the year. And, the Caribbean is famous for storms like Mitch and Wilma that form later in the tropical season.

So, keep watching.

On another note.... La Nina seems to be taking over for this coming year and I'll be writing about that more later this month.

Everyone keeps asking me, "Is the season over?"

The answer is, "No. It's not over. It's sort of on hiatus!"

The truth is when tropical systems mix with Artic Cold Fronts that are south bound things often get serious.

For now... reruns of Twister and watching Storm Chasers on TWC might be what the doctor ordered.

And, again if you have the time and the money please contribute to the Red Cross or whatever group you would like to contribute to as people up north are still cleaning up from the historic floods that have destroyed whole towns and people's lives far away from where hurricanes normally make landfall.

Besos Bobbi


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