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Monday, May 09, 2011

Watching Wicked Weather... While Waiting for the Hurricane Season...

Just sitting around watching dumbfounded as the Mighty Mississippi keeps on rolling, the tornadoes keep forming and the Hurricane Season hides it's face just around the corner.

It's lingering there somewhere....

But, for now we have record floods and an awesome low pressure system off of New England that is producing what looks like a Noreaster/Hurricane but is really just a storm at sea.

While Rome worries on some age old prediction by a dead astrologer/geologist and people around the world start to sing doomsday songs about 2012 I am just taking it all in and wondering what kind of Hurricane Season 2011 will bring.

The picture above was taken in downtown Raleigh, a few weeks ago after the tornado played hop scotch through the State Capital.

So.... enjoy this time old song, about a time old tradition... and remember this fact of mother nature. Rivers flood, they have a flood plains for a reason and rivers from the Nile to the Mississippi have been flooding forever... long before Global Warming and probably before the poles shifted...

Sorry I have been quiet, but been traveling a lot this past month and not sure what state I am in half the time. I'll be posting more regularly as we get closer to June 1st!

Besos Bobbi


At 1:33 AM, Blogger Jay Leonard Schwartz said...

Nice photo. The downed tree reminds me of those hurricane bent palm trees that used to dot Ocean Drive.


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