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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

National Hurricane Center on Facebook & Twitter for 2011 Cane Season!/NHC_Atlantic

The tropics may be quiet, but the National Hurricane Center stirred up a storm of comments and discussion when they announced they will be joining the social media with a Facebook page and Twitter account so seems like they will be tweeting away like the rest of us starting tomorrow on June 1st!

Why this should surprise anyone is beyond me. I'm know positively sure that the gang at the NHC knows how to go online, use the Internet and hook up with other weather enthusiasts to give them the correct bottom line information in the most timely manner. They know how to text, they know how to twitter, what comes next for them I can only wonder ;) Well, they could tweet seeing as so far they haven't yet tweeted, but imagine they are waiting until tomorrow.

There is already a plethora of wave mongers out there online making every westbound wave a Category Five Hurricane that will wipe out Miami, Tampa and then New Orleans before it has even convected it's first low pressure cell. It's time the NHC gave the official forecast at a place where people are going to get the news. Bravo for them! Very few people today sit around waiting for the six o'clock news. Most TWC fans get their info from Twitter more than watching television. Glad the NHC caught the wave of the future and staying in tune with the present ever changing face of news distribution.

During the Japanese Earthquake, my best news came from the oddest places and Russia Today's Tweeter Feed is now a regular on my cellphone's Twitter updates.

It's an ever changing world we live in and it's good to keep up with the times. If you can email and send out photos from a hurricane hunter in the middle of a hurricane, it's time to send out updates on Facebook. Many in the younger generation especially, use Facebook and Twitter as their main source of email. More people will be reached and more lives saved. If the teenagers who set sail over the weekend for a pleasure trip around Biscayne Bay in 1992 could have received info from their Facebook page on their cellphone they most likely would have known that Andrew was intensifying and had turned due west. Kids may not watch the news but they definitely watch their Facebook News and Twitter Feed.

Stephanie Abrams and the gang at The Weather Channel regularly chat with their viewers on Twitter. I suppose it was only a matter of time.

Either way, you will now be able to stay informed on the storm in real time as you scroll through your Facebook News Feed.

I mean we all knew that they knew how to post, text and tweet... one can only wonder what's next for the NHC after this.

Stay tuned, to the blog that keeps you informed and amused at the constant stream of news on the tropics.

Tomorrow..........The Start of the Hurricane Season 2011! As always check back here at Hurricane Harbor and check with the National Hurricane Center for the official forecast.

Besos Bobbi
Ps... NY was awesome, but it's good to be back home in Hurricane Country.!/HurricaneHarbor
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