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Thursday, May 05, 2011

May... A Look Back At April and a Look Ahead

Less than one month to the Atlantic Hurricane Season of 2011!!

A look back at April...

Tornadoes are bad .... exciting to watch but deadly if you are in their path.

Osama is Dead.

Obama is Alive... proof of birth certificate and all...

Miami was wonderful, Passover was busy, crazy, fun and a last minute trip to New York that was amazing. One long Meyer Family Sushi Fest in the Big Apple.

The pollen was bad, the rains washed the pollen away.

The blossoms were beautiful, the rains washed the blossoms away.

Bring on May...

Bring it on!!

And, get ready for for the start of the 2011 Hurricane Season.. make lists, stock up, say a prayer and count the days down on the calendar because this has been one wicked year of weather and I don't see any reason for that trend to stop now..and there ain't no reasoning with Hurricane Season...

Besos Bobbi....


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