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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Historic Night of Twisters 2011.. The Year of the Twisters?

I'm beginning to wonder if that is what 2011 will be remembered for? Or is there more to come that will eclipse this Springtime outbreak of Tornadoes across the South?

A few days back I mentioned the 1925 Tri-State Tornado Outbreak that reigns supreme as to destruction across a wide area and loss of life and property damage. This event may eclipse that event, a record not to be very proud of possessing but this April will be one for the record books.

Over 140 Tornadoes reported so far this evening and 72 people dead with hundreds missing and the reports have yet to really come in... Power will be out for days in some areas and it will take a long time to limp back to "normal" in an area that easily can be hit again if the weather patterns do not break. A diving cold front, a tight low pressure system to the north pumping this system and whipping it round like a mean child playing swinging a jump rope round his head despite being told it's dangerous to do that... this system is still flying tonight when "normal" systems die down without the strong feed of mid-day temperatures. This system is different. This system is a killer and has a history for death and destruction and it is dragging it's dark imprint upon the land tonight.

In the morning light we will see how bad the destruction is and just how many people will be mourning their loved ones later this week. Tonight The Weather Channel continues on with it's live coverage as other weather stations around the country try and cover parts of it like 7 blind men trying to describe an elephant while live on air.

It's a wicked night with evil weather out there, say a prayer, kiss your loved ones good night and hope they are alright in the morning. Be glad for what you have and grateful you are safe and try and find ways to help those who will be in need tomorrow.

An easy start is to donate now to the

Stay safe and stay informed... Bobbi

Ps...that is one nasty water vapor image... the loop is nastier.


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