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Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Meltdown of the Nuclear Plant In Japan Could Be Their Katrina...

In the same way that the failure of the levee system in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina's landfall in Mississippi could be Tokyo's radiation disaster. One of the plants is a mere 160 miles away from Tokyo, a city that escaped major damage when the Quake hit further to the north off shore.

Now, if this nuclear plant or one of the several others that is missing power to work their cooling systems has a total meltdown, or even a possible meltdown the effects from the radiation that is being released into the atmosphere can be down the line a larger, ongoing drama that will eclipse the horrible tragedy of the damage done at the small towns closest to the original epic center.

I know...there are a lot of comments being released, as fast as the gas is being released, by the governments involved to waylay fears in the general population of Japan that is dealing with shortages, energy issues, transportation issue and locating loved ones they have not heard from for days who live closest to ground zero.

I'm not saying I don't believe the government, I am saying that I don't believe anyone knows yet for sure how bad this could get.

It is only logical to believe that the Nuclear Power Plants NEED a cooling system and the cost of the construction of the cooling systems is one of the biggest factors involved in building a Nuclear Plant. You can't just take this one basic block of a Power Plant away and pretend there will be no dire consequences.

That would be in the words of Mister Spock, "illogical" and to that I would agree.

One of the basic building blocks of a nuclear plant is missing, people are being tested all across a large region and the radiation that has already been released is getting caught up in the atmosphere and will flow to other cities nearby. A storm system will be coming through soon providing rain and possible drinking water to people who are currently without food and water. Could it bring radiation poisoning even on a small level, I wonder? And, it is also forecast to bring snow and colder weather to an area where people are still trapped under debris, without food and energy of any kind other than perhaps the most basic man has ever used... making a fire.

A lot of questions tonight here and tomorrow and the next day will provide answers. Praying this is not a worst case scenario of the nuclear nature.

Some highlights from past nuclear disasters are listed below.

Besos Bobbi


At 9:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

seems like it's a done deal as far as the "meltdown" goes as CNN has officially sent out an email. To what degree remains to be seen. The problem is that the situation is fluid and any strong aftershock (which is a given) can dramatically, immediately worsen the reactors and change the situation drastically!

it's a very bad situation and getting worse by the minute as there is no way to solve the problem right now...

such is the nature of nuclear power, it is larger than life and when it works it's wonderful but when something goes wrong there are few ways to contain it in a natural disaster of this magnitude..

prayer is good, doesn't hurt

but, what will they do to contain it, protect people and how to clean it up in a country that right now has over 2 million people without power and tens of thousands if not more without food or water

something we should all think on because most of us today are using "clean" energy which is only clean if something does not go wrong..


nite, bobbi

At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

one more thing...

Interesting press release as to what is going on... will write more tomorrow



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