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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Death Total to Reach 10,000 in Japan, 9.0 Upgrade and 5 innocent lives in Israel

One has to think on what the message we can learn from all of this tragedy this weekend and that includes a very probable death total of 10,000 plus when all the bodies are found in Japan. If..and this is a real possible IF.... there is and was a continued leak of radiation from the MULTIPLE failing Nuclear plants the death total will rise and the total of people whose lives will be destroyed forever by the illnesses caused by the fallout could be almost unimaginable.

And, while the world watched Japan a team of terrorists did what terrorists love to do..they attacked an innocent family living in Israel who were asleep on their Holy Sabbath Friday evening. While a young girl went to a teenage youth group terrorists entered a home, stabbed a 3 year old little boy in the heart multiple times, slit the throat of an infant who was not even 3 months old while she slept next to her parents and then finished off the parents and another small child in the house. Five lives snuffed out in an instance of evil and what can only be work of the Devil on Planet Earth.

The Devil seems to have worked overtime this weekend.

I'm not one to talk on the Devil often, I can barely mentally conjure him up in my mind as anytime I do I see Ray Walston doing a song and dance in Damn Yankees but he was an angel in disguise and this evil force ran rampant this weekend.

But, I do believe in goodness and kindness and acts of goodness and kindness and charity and learning from History.

History is teaching us that Nuclear Power is too dangerous of a source and we need to find safer sources that we can control in times when there is an earthquake or a hurricane or a terror attack. Connect the dots here... it's not very apparent to the evil powers that be how such a shut down of a nuclear reactor can cripple a country.

And, you never appease your enemy that wants to destroy you unless it is to buy minutes to regroup and save yourself later and overcome your enemy.

The game of appeasement that Israel has paid for peace will not bring peace.

And, Nuclear Power will in the end only cause more problems than it is worth in the short term.

Just saying.... you either learn from history of you relive it over and over again.

We did not learn from Hebron Massacres and other massacres, I only hope we learn from this one and I only hope that we immediately look into other sources of energy other than this very dangerous form.

Just my ten cents.

More later when there are more definitive details and after I get some fresh air.

Donate. Help. Learn.

Besos Bobbi
Ps when the Japanese Prime Minister said this is the worst thing to overcome since WW2 he was not talking about an offshore earthquake but the problems from the nuclear meltdownS. Making it a 9.0 rather than an 8.8 does not change the fact that they built nuclear reactors in a country that has more earthquakes than almost any other populated place on Planet Earth.


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