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Monday, March 14, 2011

2nd Explosion @ Nuclear Plant, Fears on Contamination and Partial Meltdown

These fears are not just things that conspiracy theorists dream of in the dark of night, but very real fears in Japan right now.

Last night the much worried about #3 reactor went boom in the night.

Actually, last night while Anderson Cooper was live on CNN doing his thing. I've never seen Anderson Cooper without anything to say, he looked catatonic for minutes after finding out the explosion was the reactor and while being "assured" that he was probably safe he was told there was breaking news of a Tsunami Warning. Rare dark comedy in the long night of one bad story after enough, Anderson Cooper trying to form words and think what to say when he obviously was not happy to be that close to the exploded reactor. Can anyone say "Iodine tablets??"

No, I am not making this up and was sure it was online somewhere this morning.

Anyone who loves to complain about Anderson or make fun of him NEEDS to watch this video:

Am sure he's safe... I think.

Are we is the question?

This is far from over. Aftershocks are hitting the area one after another the way a carpenter pounds nails into a house he is building.

The Aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan was exposed to radiation from the radiation cloud and so were helicopters. They have changed their positions and are currently rethinking where to go and what to do regarding this very dangerous, dynamic situation.

Watch the video, as the man explaining it to Anderson does a really good job of explaining how it is only "mildly radioactive" ...

Anyway, off to get things done today and will be back later with more info.

I was on last night with hurricane friends trying to track down specific information. The people online who are considered the extremists in almost any situation are the ones who are suddenly right on target and I think it's better to err on the side of safety and knowledge than to assume everything is okay.

Remember, there are more nuclear plants unstable and more aftershocks that will be rocking these unstable plants. Sure Money is on there being more disasters not less, but we can hope and pray.

Stay tuned... Bobbi
(ps thank you ... enjoy the musical fireworks)


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