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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bastardi Leaves Accuweather... Tis a Mystery

Joe Bastardi left Accuweather this week with no reason given and no comment from Accuweather other than he will no longer be issuing forecasts and they say they were "surprised" by his resignation that was effective immediately.

There is a Facebook Page dedicated to him and people saying goodbye...

Mostly, they are saying goodbye to their Professional Subscription to Accuweather, something that most people and businesses pay over $250 a year (give or take) which is no laughing matter from my perspective.

Truth is there is NO reason to go subscribe to Accuweather's Professional Site without Bastardi. Anyone who can find their way to Accuweather, can most likely find their way to the many sites that offer the same info and satellite imagery for free.

Bastardi was the main reason... the main draw.... the real thing.

A sample... one of many on youtube...

But, more of a loss is Joe's long, very long written post like ramblings on weather, sports, football, his family, his father and his son, his thoughts on not liking to dress up fancy for his videos and bits and pieces of weather trivia that no one can come close to...

Truth is ... Bastardi is nuts about the weather, any weather and all weather.

I doubt that he is leaving the weather world to do body building full time. I doubt he is changing careers. I doubt everyone at Accuweather was surprised, though who knows exactly why he left?

The answer:

Joe knows.

Even The Washington Post doesn't seem to know :(

For now he can be followed on Twitter.

One thing I do know about Joe is that he won't be silent forever, his thoughts bubble forth like spring rains turning into raging floods.

I'll miss him. Well.... I'll miss his ramblings on Accuweather and reading his long winded, wonderful blogs and will wait to see what Big Joe does next...

Hope he is smiling.... hope he is well... hope everyone around him is well and I hope he is enjoying the weather he's got.

Chow for Now, Bobbi
Ps the man dreams of weather...........

As for the Geologically minded... keep an eye on Arkansas... seems like every other quake today above 2.5 was in Arkansas... less of a mystery than why Joe left Accuweather.....


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