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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Hurricanes VS Ice Storms

Everyone worries about hurricanes and yet Ice Storms cost a fortune beyond our wildest imagination and there is no real "Ice Storm Season" unless you consider "winter" the season and if so they are more often than not "no shows" so when it doesn't snow but it rains ice.... that's one big financial headache.

The 1998 Winter was memorable to the tune of 4.5 Billion Dollars. Well, give or take a billion... the figure is so mind boggling you can't even believe it...conceive it...

So, next time you are wondering on how you are going to right your mango tree back up and fix some shingles on your roof from a mild, weak Category 1 Hurricane be thankful you didn't get hit by an Ice Storm. I mean, they melt.... you lose a few trees, there is no storm surge but still we forget about them... you know?

Somethings you never forget.

Boy, bet those lineman had work then huh??

The Weather Channel has moved on to weather and snowing, after showing a great tribute to the Ice Storm of 1998 ...which of course was partially eclipsed by the disintegration of my twenty year marriage but I imagine if I lived up north it would be a date I'd remember.

"Best place to swish down the slopes." Burlington, Vermont... whoosh...

Well, I'm off whoosh or whatever your favorite saying is... got to go to the gym.... and s t r e t c h and finish my COFFEE before I do all that stretching and I'll be humming a tune. No's NOT Wichita Lineman....

Maybe I'll watch the movie... or not... or never... I gave up the movies a few years back for good reasons ;) Then again...funny....this predated the storm. Is that like life imitating art???

Gotta go....the light or the shadow is going to the gym....

Besos Bobbi


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Besos Bobbi :}


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