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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tropical Storm Shary Forms in the Atlantic

This is going to be a short post for a short lived storm named Shary.

Shary formed this evening in the Atlantic and will come close to Bermuda many storms have done so far this year. One of my kids said tonight "the force field is still up and alive" meaning the force field that so far has protected the United States from a landfalling storm this very busy tropical year. That force field might be tested next week as a storm seems to be forming down in the Caribbean that could nick Florida on it's way out to sea but that's a storm for another day.

Today's storm of the hour is Shary and she deserves her hour in the sun...

Models for "Tomas" are here as follows as I know that anyone reading this is more interested in what may form in the Carib than another Atlantic storm moving towards Bermuda that will curve out to sea in a few days.

It's a beautiful tropical night in Miami, the palm fronds are dancing in the balmy breeze as a weak cold front moves towards the Miami area. Shary seems far away as people watch the World Series and talk on the Miami Heat. Another day in paradise. As each cold front moves towards our beautiful city and feels the effect of cooler winds and lighter humidity the hurricane season seems a little bit further away. Halloween is around the corner, goblins and pumpkins decorate the stores and I wonder if there is the ghost of a chance of a hurricane grazing by the coastline in a week or so. Shary shows us that the tropics are not dead yet and with a La Nina Winter coming on the chance of a few storms popping up like Shary will exist for a little while longer.

Things are good here, fine and dandy just been a bit busy and didn't have time for a longer post earlier. In reality, there wasn't much to post about as the orange and yellow tropical beach balls that grace the front of the NHC main page are nothing more than mere possibilities and Shary is a small storm that should not last very many days.

Jaws music.... the model tracks tonight for the storm that may form soon and may become a bigger player down the road.

Take a nice walk in the morning at sunrise or at sunset, watch the moon come up and the stars come out and give thanks for all you have. Worry on Tomas another day and watch Shary spin out in the Atlantic.

Sweet Tropical Dreams Bobbi
Ps... personally would love to see the season get to Walter ;)


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